As 2026 draws to a close, the Resistance has China, and has reconstituted the Soviet Union other than taking Georgia.

Moonbases are generating resources; not volatiles or gold, but Water, Metals, and Fissiles. Mars will come online soon and generate lots of everything.

Now, it’s time to kill an alien. I first set the ISS to build a Xenology Lab, and found another base in Low Earth Orbit to hold two more. Can’t kill them if you can’t see them, and the Xenology labs help you detect them.

It takes until July 2027 until I have positive income on all of the space resources.

By 2028 I unlock the Inner Planets, and build bases on all the points on Mercury unlocked. Now I have a massive metal income and a lot of resources built up.

Late 2028 I unlock three key things – Tier 2 space cores (but not settlements, they still are locked), both Tier 1 and 2 Point Defense modules, and Tier 2 Xenology. Getting those up helps reveal an alien on an Earth mission.

So now, to assassinate him. I did a pretty cheesy thing – I have one councilor who can assassinate, but his espionage is pretty low, making him an ineffective murderer. But he’s young, I will just keep building the stat up. In the meantime, I savescum until my 13% assassinate chance fires successfully and I’ve cleared that rung of the winning ladder. I am playing the game pretty straight – I did cheat myself additional control points, took over the United States and advanced in the West Indies, but have refrained from many of the other cheat tools available.

The Servants launch a small spacecraft, a 12-sword power Corvette, so I respond by initiating a build of a Copperhead based Corvette. Mine has a much higher sword power. It will be important to keep ships around Moon, Mercury, and Mars – to keep them protected along with building Layered Defense Arrays, to avoid the instant destruction after alien hate is no longer manageable.

During 2029 Asteroids get unlocked, and I immediately take all the Ceres base points. So now I have, roughly, Mars for Volatiles, Mercury for Metals, and Ceres for Water. My MC is pretty much eaten up, yet now is the time I need to start defending and building bigger bases, which require more MC.

The first quarter of 2030 passes, we are researching many faction projects and unlocking various “Arrival Law/Independence/Society” techs, and am waiting to research many items that boost control points. This playthrough is going well.