By the end of 2024, the Resistance has constituted much of the European Union, and taken over Russia. Russian satellites are coming under our control and we’re thinking about China and the USA. No cheats in effect.

The Servants pulled one good trick. They tried to interfere, and they did slow us down a bit, in unifying much of Europe. But they have tightfisted control of Sweden, and none of my councilors can break in.

Better not declare war on them, or India and USA could interfere. Their public opinion has eaten the several points I put into getting some; the only option is to wait until May 2025 when their Defend expires.

Managed to probe Mars and establish three bases there; not enough boost yet to begin building mines. I need to amass an amazing 42 boost at a time when our daily income is .18. The Servants have joined me with one base on the moon.

I turn a Servant councilor after determining my entire team is loyal (10 or higher loyalty), and look for an opportunity to really use him, and it’s pretty obvious that I should use him to get Sweden.

The Great Swedish Battle was joined on May 16th, 2025, when their Defend Interest expires. I send two councilors on purge missions with maximum influence added for decent chances – and one succeeds ! The other should have succeeded, but he aborted his mission since he targeted point #1 instead of #2.

Okay then – May 31, 2025. I target a raft of Servant councilors and Sweden, lots of extra resources involved, and they send three councilors to oppose us. Resolution order ends up this way :

  • Resistance (Adams) Defend Interests resolves June 1
  • Servants (Aspau) Defend Interests resolves June 2
  • Resistance (Ning) Detain Councilor Aspau resolves June 5
  • Resistance (Mitnick) Assassinate Councilor Duong resolves June 6
  • Resistance (De Groot) Public Campaign resolves June 8
  • Servants (Munson) Set National Policy resolves June 10
  • Servants (Duong) Purge mission resolves June 14
  • Resistance (Wei) Purge mission resolves June 15

Defend interest on both sides gets off successfully; this reduces Resistance chance of a successful purge down to 3%, blast it. But Councilor Aspau gets detained and Duong gets assassinated ! Very pleased to get Duong, he was a very effective councilor.

As expected, Munson takes Sweden out of the European Union and therefore successfully delays its unification by about a year. But then, something unexpected happens. I check Wei’s purge mission chances and they’ve jumped to 79%. As the days tick by the percentages keep changing and settle on 54% before the mission fires, and she is successful ! Whatever caused that – legitimate gameplay effects or some weird bug – we now own a hostile Sweden (84% Servant opinion).

By March 2026 it was still pretty bad, 36/44 in favor of the Servants, but eventually it should all be Resistance. I next took over much of China (4 control points) and hit my CP cap. This game session ended soon after.