Race to Level 16



I realized that I was darned close to Level 16.   A couple million AP doesn’t seem like a lot when you’ve already banked 38 million.    And I checked, and found the Bad Man pretty far behind.

38.4 million to go

38.4 million to go

I felt good about it, and decided to get to Level 16 as soon as possible.   Definitely, before the Bad Man.    Then, I didn’t think about it for several days.


I forgot to take screenshots, but discovered to my horror that The Bad Man was ahead !   Now was the time to do some serious grinding, because Being Competitive.

I am fortunate to work in Downtown Burbank California.   This place is an absolute AP factory, with the amount of traffic from both ENL and RES very high.    With turnover I used to cry smurf tears; right now, I shouted with joy – time to do some earning.

This meant the questionable decision to focus as much as possible on Ingress, and ignoring my job.    Dangerous, no ?    And yet, I have the seniority and I’m dealing with a very limited timeframe.   The critical stuff, I was waiting until it was my turn, I couldn’t start yet.   So I judged I could get away with it.

I walked the streets of Burbank and wrecked, fielded, and glyphed like a madman.    ENL players came through and destroyed my hard work.   But I just rebuilt !    And I was stoked.

By the day’s end, I was ahead.   He did not play during the daylight hours.   So, I reasoned, I could probably win this race with this strategy.   I have four days of the week to complete the process, that should be enough.


Looking good.

Looking good.

Ah, he's ahead again.

Ah, he’s ahead again.

Wednesday was a good day again, with plenty of back and forth and building of fields.    I attended a meeting, then dashed out to field some more.    Then approved documents and discussed business.    Then blew up the local guy’s fields.   By the end of the day, I was again ahead, and went to bed feeling good.


I am pleased.

I am pleased.

Especially since I was ahead of him.

Especially since I was even with him.

Today I knew would be tougher – there were too many things to do at work that I couldn’t put off.   But I persevered.    I seemed to have discouraged the ENL temporarily, because there was little enemy activity.    Downtown Burbank was completely fielded.

I basked in glow of my accomplishments at the end of the "work" day.

I basked in glow of my accomplishments at the end of the “work” day.

And was thoroughly annoyed at Hack The Destroyer killing it all in 15 minutes or so.

And was thoroughly annoyed at Hack The Destroyer killing it all in 15 minutes or so.

I did manage to refield some of this and conduct other activity, finding myself in a comfortable lead by the end of the day.   This was all going to come down to Friday, a traditionally light day.    I could rebuild, watch it get knocked down, and refield again for the win.

A good lead.   But The Bad Man plays while I sleep.

A good lead. But The Bad Man plays while I sleep.


The morning did not look good.

Holy Crap !

Holy Crap !

No doubt about it, it would come down to Daytime on Friday.    He would turn this into 40 million over the weekend for sure.    And I was not “working” on Saturday, plus family obligations on Friday.    (Family > Game.   Just saying.)

But thankfully, I drove into Downtown Burbank and found a green city which I promptly wrecked.   I got in early, prowled the streets and played furiously fast.   By 10 am I had the entire area fielded once again.   I even fielded from a key portal, then jarvised it, then refielded for an extra 25k AP.

But there were disquieting signs during the day.   My local ENL agent wasn’t there – took the day off ?    I took his portals and fielded from them, then could field no more.   Now, it was time to wait for the greenies to wreck downtown.

They didn’t oblige.   I had one guy race through and blow a half dozen portals, which I refielded, then the day was over.   Burbank was staying blue, and I was besides myself.    I was COUNTING on refielding one last time.   But maybe the race to 16 wasn’t over.

Downtown Newhall was freshly fielded and, amazingly, not shielded in places.    I took some extra time (Instead of getting my son early to his destination, I played a game.   Bad Dad.) and wrecked fields in Newhall.    It was gloriously large amounts of AP.

That many fields and I really don't care about your AXA my green friend.

That many fields and I really don’t care about your AXA my green friend. 

But……… it wasn’t to be.    I ended the night with 39,750,000 AP.    Instead of conceding defeat, I went to bed and hoped that The Other Guy wasn’t playing tonight.


Yeah, right.    Unfortunately it ended the way I figured it would.

Yeah, right. Unfortunately it ended the way I figured it would.

I knew he would, after the ribbing I got the day before.   After virtual congratulations – he deserved them – I reflected on my wounded pride.    We got home after a great morning with my boy.   I wrote a blog post.   My daughter is going to Homecoming tonight.   I guess I’m lucky to have a great family, even if I can’t make Level 16 as fast as I wanted to.

It’ll happen, I’m sure this week.    I think I’m done racing.   And Monday, I’ve got some work to do.     But today……. I have some errands to run….

Reflecting on Ingress after 18 months


Yes, it’s really been that long.    Ever since my “first” day of playing/figuring out the game on April 1 2015, I’ve been at Ingress most every day.    Not every day, or I’d have a Sojourner of more than 207 days, the streak broken by going on a cruise for my 50th birthday.    And that is, now that I think about it, more than 18 months ago.  I am approaching the end of the level grind (38.2 million AP earned) and I’m feeling contemplative.

This is a bit less of a game, than a lifestyle.   On the move somewhere new ?   Pull out your phone Agent !    Also do your daily grind, whatever it is, and keep contributing to the team.   Try not to be seen, but that enemy player you tangle with all the time, it’s usually good fun to at least meet them and shake hands.    Some of them are really good people.    Some are jerks.    All of them start out as strangers, but it’s amazing how many of my teammates have gone from strangers to gamer friends, even those I’ve never met or have only met once.    And there are ENL players I respect and like, and wish they’d switch teams.

Only when playing Ingress have I ever had voices rise out of the ether of the ethernet, and end up shaking hands at unexpected places.   The Queen Mary.    The Ventura County fair.    A random Del Taco.    Several parks of varying levels of cleanliness (The ENL agent once helpfully noted “Don’t step in the dog doo”).    Or breakfast at McDonald’s.

Back last year I was much more intense and focused about the short term stuff – who wins what cycle, can we keep Southern California fielded, making the mega fields.    Now I am more interested in the long term questions.

  1. Just how long will Ingress be available ?    It shows no sign of stopping, Pokemon notwithstanding.   Probably not something to worry about for the next year.
  2. The Balance of Power.    I have watched the SCV crew turn from a deadly dominating Blue force imposing its will on Bluehall (In English, this is Downtown Newhall around the Library), and beyond, to a small force getting kicked around by the greens.   This is in large part due to Res agents retiring or scaling back, much more and much faster than the Enl agents.    All the same green names are still around, along with new muscle, while the blue names have gotten fewer and far between.   Still, the important point is controlling territory, and the SCV isn’t more than 50% green.   The Res team has a lot of fight in it still, but could absolutely use more help.    Time passing brings new possibilities.

Man. And I had a quarter of it fielded the other day with teammates help....

Man. And I had a quarter of it fielded the other day with teammates help….

The Burbank Balance of Power.   At some point I had to quit goofing around and take my job seriously, and I did.    I fight for the downtown Burbank area and that’s about it, but much less often.    I’ve even gotten a smaller area of operations.    Thankfully though, Burbank is a much bigger “pond” than one agent – or “fish” – and my lessened play isn’t catastrophic.   New green agents and disappearing blue agents do mean the balance of power here has shifted from a contested city, to a largely green city.   But with an enthusiastic crew fighting to save humanity (!) led by impressively-time-devoted agents, I can see this turning around at any time.    And admittedly, I spend a lot less time watching the strategic map here, so I may not have an accurate observation.

Edge to ENL. Though I am pleased to note how beautifully blue North Hollywood is !

Edge to ENL. Though I am pleased to note how beautifully blue North Hollywood is !

To win in Ingress (take note too, greenies) you want to maximize the time your team spends in the game and minimize the time the other guys play.    Highly devoted players are your best source of game actions; there will never be a giant wave of Ingressers such that noobs will be a big help.     Nevertheless, everyone was a noob once, so train up your new players and encourage them.    Do what they ask you, to help out, and offer whenever you can.    Try not to let people quit.    Just do something, anything, every day and that is a massive amount of help if it’s adhered to.

The space limitation of 2500 items (with 5 100 key capsules) is a major hassle.    I’m becoming a bit more sanguine about it, and just destroy all kinds of things I used to think were important.   Goodbye, turrets and force amps.    Bye-bye green heat sinks and multihacks.   Later resonators – I don’t actually need to hold more than 40 of any of you.    Bursters, you are my friends.

Circumstances are turning me more into a burn-it-all-down player.    Fielding is my first love, but you need to understand to play the hand you are dealt, and it’s even fun that way, with the right attitude.    So here’s hoping for another 4 hour time-slice where I can burn down some significant green fields again, and reach max level in the biggest Massively Multiplayer game I believe I’ve ever played.

Generally, I am not allowed out of the house.    This is a weird thing for an adult approaching retirement to say, but I seem to have put myself in this position.   I have sat at the computer and surfed the Information Highway my entire life.   Now, I want to head out at various times and be without family ties for a bit, and it doesn’t work out that well; nobody expects it.   I can’t really take an hour drive for no particularly good reason.    That is – unless I’m adventuring with my lifelong buddy !

Ingress addiction is a real thing; I believe I witnessed a couple of scenes from the dissolution of a marriage when a player could not stop.    He’s not around any more to ask, either.   Let’s hope that’s because he managed to patch it up with his wife.    But the point is to be careful, and remember we’re playing a game – even if it is also a lifestyle.    Family always comes first.    All I have to do is look at my surly and angry daughter’s face, or my sunny and happy Boy Scout’s face, to know the truth of that saying.

And the game goes on, for however long it does, with no surrender of either side in sight.

Adding a New Agent


I finally got around to it – My pal and I (Name Redacted!) went out Ingressing together.

Canyon Country was mostly smoking ruins from players riding around and killing portals, so I picked a route and had us start traveling through town, picking up grey portals and killing the odd one as we went.    My buddy was funny – he asked all the stupid noob questions I had once asked.   Despite having installed the app a month ago, he hadn’t done anything with it.

After we got his feet wet and leveled him up to Level 3, we headed to the cluster of portals by the local movie theater.    I did the heavy blasting, but we had him firing L3 bursters and taking out some links and fields.   After we fielded up the place a bit, we stopped at one of the restaurants.


PSA : Do not buy 22 ounce beers on an empty stomach and expect to continue Ingressing.   After we talked a ton of shit I took him home; and made one last field before giving up for the night.

His fields lived until Monday – about 36 hours or so – before a green agent decided to wreck most of them.   I got a surprise set of texts from him, asking about all the emails that got sent and the notifications from his phone.    I’ll have to tell him how to turn them off.

But I think I baited the hook correctly – we’re planning on trying this again after he comes back from his trip this week.

It’s a good thing too.   Sunday evening, The Bad Man was active and managed to field the northern LA mountains along with the SCV.    The town is nearly all green, and the blue fields that get created seem to stay up more because of….. exhaustion ?   on the part of the toads.    Downtown Newhall is Green L8’s all the time.    I am absolutely fighting the rearguard action here, scoring fields and disrupting the greens only – and not always successfully.

Those two links still up clearly show the field that was made.

Those two links still up clearly show the field that was made.

But that’s OK.   I get to imagine that the Resistance is fading in the area, as more and more of humanity is sucked into the Shapers plan.   It’s that moment in every movie of the low point, just before the Hero saves the day…….

The Zen Art of Playing while Not Playing


The Vikings : War of Clans continues, but it’s a different ballgame now.    I think I’m past the Mega Drama, but who knows.

My clan, the United With Honor, went ahead and merged with another clan named Assassin’s Hellgate.    I like almost everyone in the clan, but the clan leader instantly gets on my nerves; I’m sure the feeling is mutual.   That’s OK – you never like EVERYONE in a clan/guild/group, you just have to find a way to play together.

The problem being, in my new clan, troop losses are frowned upon.    VERY frowned upon.    So frowned upon that I was reminded several times not to lose troops, and eventually told in no uncertain terms that if I lost a single additional soldier, I would have “action taken” against me, which is some kind of progressive discipline leading to getting kicked from the clan.

I wised up.    I got my troops out of harms way.

The problem being, I like having a fast army.    The Tier 1 troops are hands down your fastest troops; all levels of scouts are relatively fast too.   The Tier 5 troops include some exceptionally slow ones.    I am currently stuck with a bunch of Tier 5’s – they are basically worse than useless.   They are very slow, and I can’t build them, so all they do is drag the rest of the army down.

And I can’t get them killed to get rid of them, because “Don’t lose a single troop”.   You have no way to disband your soldiers either.

Neither can I farm resources – either dead towns, or tiles.    Each carries the risk of getting hit, and getting hit means losses.   The game is 100% offense, and with rare exceptions, if you can attack another player, you always win.    So since failure is not an option, I don’t farm anymore.    I feel useless to the clan that way, but nobody else seems to share that opinion.    Well, it is what it is.

So to get past all of that, I have abandoned actively playing the game.    The point, which I had to remind myself, is to level up your town and research.   I can do this by hiding all my troops under another players shield, and sending resources to the clan bank.    The more I send, the more I can request back.    I can’t farm resources, but so far, every request for stuff has been met.

And Level 21 town has been achieved; I am a few days away from being able to research my first Tier 4 troop, the scouts; so it’s fun to keep this thing moving, even if I’m playing much less.

State of Ingress, September 2016


In some ways Ingress is a funny game.   It’s very rewarding to play, quite literally, one action a day – take a portal, blow one up, throw a field, throw a blocking link.    And because one action is fun, two would be more fun right ??????   So the game pushes you to spend more and more time in it.

Recently I am trying more to moderate the amount of time that I’m spending playing the game.    It’s a team game.    I don’t have to do it all myself, I can’t anyway, and the more that I play in Burbank the more my nemesis does, so I’m not exactly accomplishing that much.    Core Ingress concept – maximize your team’s actions while minimizing the other team’s actions.

So I drive past portals now, rather than take them, link them up, etc.    I try to kill key portals, or just do things when I have spare time rather than take up time I could spend for other purposes.

I have a new enemy player with a daytime job in Downtown Burbank.    I haven’t tried to say hi yet; I probably should.    We knock each other’s stuff down, and between the two of us and all the travelers on both sides, Downtown stays unfielded most of the time.

I’ve been playing a fair amount in the SCV, which is where I get my fielding points anyway, and enjoying either creating 3k point fields when possible, or wrecking the greens farm in Newhall.

37 million AP – getting close to 16 – and almost platinum with trekker at 2,389 of 2,500 kilometers walked.

Returning to Everquest 2, 2016 edition



I was browsing Steam games awhile back (and refusing to buy anything; have to play all the dreck I have already bought and never played) when I noticed a different entry – Everquest 2.

Having played the game forever, and seeing it on Steam, meant that it was time to download it and give it a try once again.   Same with Lord of the Rings Online.    So I let Steam do its thing over the next couple of days and download both games and update them.   Lord of the Rings, however, has yet to be opened.

EQ2 is quite a bit of fun still, the game that I needed at the moment.   It’s very familiar, thoroughly polished, and I know it backwards and forwards.   So I dived in and tried to figure out all the mammoth changes; I keep an eye on things via TAGN posts but otherwise I haven’t thought about the game for (checks blog) right about 3 years.

The current incarnation of EQ2, run by Daybreak instead of Sony (To the extent that’s its a real change and not just a name) includes three levels of account access.   I think.    That’s part of the reason for this post, the actual rules do not appear to be published somewhere I can access them.

It appears there are 3 levels of accounts in EQ2.    Free, Silver, and Gold.    Free is anyone signing up for the first time – makes sense.   Silver appears to be anyone previously in a Gold account, or former subscriber from back in the old days.    Gold is anyone paying $15 a month.


Why would you want to get a Gold account ?   One would think this would be an obvious, and clear choice; one would be wrong.    A few features are prominently displayed whenever I log in :

  • 500 Daybreak cash (DBC) currency per month (Nice)
  • Ability to sell items on the broker (SUPER NICE!)
  • 10% Discount on the premium store items (Feh)
  • Five additional character slots (Hmmm)
  • Exclusive In Game Items ! (???)

I have not been able to figure out what the “Exclusive In Game Items” are.   The character slots are a mixed bag, since if you let your gold account lapse, those five characters are now lost to you until you resubscribe.   Plus, I have plenty of characters already (7 unlocked, 1 locked).   It feels like the character slot unlocks are a better deal.

The broker, now.   I love the broker.   Always did, always will.   It’s a fun marketplace for items and gives you the chance to make money with enough effort, or a few coins with very little effort; and of course you can buy most anything your heart desires – and your wallet can afford.    So for me, the broker is the real draw for Gold access.

Other reasons are not displayed.  I could only find one.

  • Ability to change the XP / AA slider

This is more useful than it might first appear.   Number one, I forget how all the AA’s work and the additional ones that have appeared after I quit; and number two, I’d like to get Tez up to level 100 (the new max level).   The slider, for Silver accounts, is set at 50/50.

But I have resisted.   I usually subscribe to EQ2, then quit playing, and waste my money.   I hate doing that.   But what I did note is the price of plat, and therefore wondered about the wisdom of paying to sell on the broker.

It costs $15 to place items for sale on the broker for one month; that is, for that month you can place items to sell.   They can sit there forever after and not sell, finally selling after six months, but you cannot place new ones after the month.    Plat prices on the grey / illegal market however are around $15 for 300k platinum.    I could not resist, and I am now sitting on a hoard of plat.   More than I could ever have gathered playing the game.

But prices are inflated too.   These used to go for less than 10 plat.

But prices are inflated too. These used to go for less than 10 plat.

I burned 2,000 DBC on unlocking two additional slots; everyone is unlocked except for my Heroic character from 3 years ago, who I never played – Level 85 Dwarf Guardian.   The tradeskill XP comes fast and furious; with Vitality you can gain a level from a single writ, without it will take maybe 5.   I seem to recall it taking a lot longer back in the day.

So I play, and enjoy.    Tez is still questing; I want him to ding 100 so that a +20% XP bonus kicks in; same for Tlaloc the provisioner; and I’ll continue to look for the reasons / or not reasons/ why one would purchase a gold account.

The Unstated Rules


Vikings 101 : You have five resources that are critical to advancement.

  • Food
  • Wood
  • Iron
  • Stone
  • Silver

You also have a building in your town called a Vault, which will protect your resources in case of attack – your troops are not so lucky.   The Vault does not protect any silver though.

The game is heavily stacked towards pay-to-win.   Check out the statistics on any attack happening on my town from a typical high-“level” player :

A massive quality boost in just about everything.

A massive quality boost in just about everything.

To overcome that you would need massive numbers of troops, and guess who has the advantage in building troops ?

Given the following :

  1. Most building and knowledge upgrades cost much more than your vault can hold; especially silver, since it is not protected.
  2. The game features clans of players, and peace shields that grant your town 100% immunity from attack.
  3. You cannot defend your town if you are a low “level” player.

The way to advance in the game is to acquire resources, by either attacking other players (preferably, inactive ones, they don’t fight back), waiting for your town to generate resources, or by farming the tiled resources that appear around your town.   But since you don’t want other (high level) players to take yours from you, you instead send them to a clan member who acts as a bank.

The bank player has a shield up at all times; he can’t be attacked.   You send him your resources, and when enough are available they send them back to you so you can kick off a building upgrade.   Did I mention that building upgrades take some time ?    The current times to upgrade most of my buildings range from 24 hours to 10 days.   I have a knowledge upgrade unlocked that would take 40 weeks to complete.   Not to worry though; you can boost items with time boosts, available at random intervals or as usual you can buy them.

The game works well if you have a group of clanmates who intelligently share their resources with one another.   You want to avoid too much movement; as you’d expect, each time you send resources some of them disappear.    But you need to help each other out.    You can also send your troops to a clanmate, leaving an enemy with a town empty of troops and resources to attack; in other words, there is no damage.

The give and take of getting resources; then sending them to the bank; then actually getting them back from your clanmate; and kicking off the upgrade process; is actually pretty fun.

Just watch your wallet.

Fishing for Whales


I continue to play the Vikings War of Clans android game.

The fun part for me is the paranoid chase to get the next building built; the next knowledge researched; before some guy with more money than sense can come by and smash my town.    Each building at the higher levels costs far more than can be safely stored even though your town is attacked, so the only method of turtling is to use the peace shields.   I have found these to be prohibitively expensive and so don’t use them much.   Many players use them extensively.   Then again, I think most of the players of the game are real whales for the Devs.

Fifty Bucks

Fifty Bucks

Ten Bucks

Ten Bucks

There are even $100 purchase packs available.    The social engineering on these is impressive, even if ….. disgusting.   The first level is that there are no fixed costs for anything.    You would think I could simply tell you how much gold costs, but no, there is no way to buy the game’s gold for a fixed price in the game.   It costs whatever the current offer says it costs.   But it gets worse (better?).

You start out seeing a selection of $10, $5 packages that you can buy.   They slowly move towards a list of $2 and $5, with one $20 package always available.   I am looking for only $2 packages which is about what I pay for a cold Coke at the convenience store; if it will help me, why not spend at that level.   So when I see one that I like, I buy it.

The game instantly recalculates all of its offer formulas the second you buy one.    Did you see a second offer you wanted to buy ?   Too bad, it’s gone.   Now, a bunch of more expensive offers are on the table, such as the $50 packages shown above.    Now, I find myself waiting again until the $2 offers appear and something I want to buy is shown.

But……. it gets even worse !   The truly disgusting thing is, the offers are MORE EXPENSIVE for each package, the more money you spend.   You get the best value for the gold portion of your purchase, the less you spend.    It seems like you don’t get that much more of the “other stuff” like troops and bonuses, but it’s less easy to see.   Still, I think it’s clear.   I’ve been playing this thing for months, I should know.

Concerns about games being pay-to-win are thrown to the hills in this game; you simply do pay-to-win.    Want to be a tough player on your server ?   Better get smart about your purchases and whip out your credit card.

Now, the mechanics of the game include strange rules about attacking.    It all makes sense in context of a fun game, but it’s a bit weird from a step back.   You can attack special tiles which have resources; your troops sit there and collect them, and are vulnerable to destructive attack if they get caught by another player.    Any attack means that your defending troops that lose, are gone forever.

Attack – your lost troops are gone.    Unless you want to spend gold, of course.   Defend a tile – your lost troops are gone.   Defend your town, and….. your lost troops can be “healed”, just for ingame resources.   This makes “tile hits” something devastating for your enemies, while if your town is hit your troops are kind of safe.     And, guess what happens when you suffer a tile hit ?   Why, of course, an offer to spend money and “Take your revenge !”

Take your revenge !   Just costs a little bit of money....

Take your revenge ! Just costs a little bit of money….

Me, I try to play the cheapskates way.   I still have a $4 credit from a Google Play card I received for my birthday or something, so I dumpster dive for $2 packages.    Maybe I’ll cut loose with $5.   I don’t know.   But the way I enjoy the game mechanics had better wait for another post.

Hello, DCL. Goodbye, Marvel Heroes.


The DCL (Dynamic Combat Level) update has gone live for Marvel Heroes, among other changes.

The new "Avengers Tower"

The new “Avengers Tower”

The new layout and overhaul of Avengers Tower is nice.   The hub characters are in logical places, it’s more compact, and the dumb stuff (A huge room for terminals that no one uses anymore, etc) is all gone.   I like it.

The new Story Mode leveling plan is supposedly broken and will be patched tomorrow morning – Instead of making the story mode XP be less, they seem to have made it way too high.   There are reports of players reaching 1 – 60 in a few hours.   I reset Colossus to green prestige, but my heart just isn’t in it for racing from 1 – 60.

The actual DCL however, is underwhelming.    This is due to the changes made to the Cosmic Trial – or not made.

One of the biggest changes is the Blessing of Hela – the only blessing anyone ever used – is now nerfed hard.   It made things “too easy”, which I can sympathize with, but yet this was one of the two key ingredients making surviving the Cosmic Trial possible.   And the Cosmic Trial has kept me in the game all this time.   Until now.

I tried out the Trial on Cable, the hero I was trying to pass it with next, and immediately got flattened.  Not by the bosses – by the “trash mobs”, the first waves that you fight.   I then tried on all my heroes that already passed it, with the same result.   So somehow, the mobs in the Trial are tougher (probably because of DCL), your character is weaker offensively, and the trial is now laughably hard and completely out of reach.   I doubt anyone could pass it now, even with 10,000 omega points.

I suppose I will want to try and rejigger my Omega points into survivability and retry, but the thought of grinding up somewhere near 10,000 just bores me.   It “feels” like that is the level that will be necessary to have a chance to pass it.   That really sucks.

This could, quite literally, be the end of Marvel Heroes for me.   It’s been a fun run, but I am not excited about playing the other aspects of the game.   I don’t believe I’ve ever quit a game because of mechanics changes before.   Here’s hoping they tone down the difficulty of the Trial.

Statistics, July 2016


, , , ,

I’m a little bit late for this statistical review having just returned from Yosemite and parts nearby.    Even in 2016 the Internet coverage for Verizon in the area is really bad.

Vernal Falls. No Internet nearby either.

Vernal Falls. No Internet nearby.


Got a bunch of Ingress in and it remains my traveling game.

  • 35,284,000 AP.   1.2 million for the month, not bad considering I spent a week in Sketchy Internet Land.
  • 2,307 walking kilometers (IE, 1,434 miles), so I added 64 to this badge.   That’s going to take a while yet.
  • 1,712 Unique Captures and 3,438 Unique Hacks.   Added a bunch as I traveled.   And yet, not even halfway to platinum for either.
  • 1,823,000 MU scored.   That’s 28k for the month, which is really low.

Pokemon Go

In the one month the game’s been out I find myself kind of bored with it, but still playing it.   Great way to kill time while waiting for an Ingress hack timer to refresh.    Level 15; Caught 60 Unique Pokemon, and seen 61.

AdVenture Capitalist

They’ve changed up the game somehow – I think they’ve added additional spots for you to buy higher % efficiency for your angels.   Whatever it is, it’s working – I’m at 4600 newspapers on both Desktop and Mobile, looking forward to 5000 coming at some actual reachable point in the future.

Marvel Heroes

31 heroes at level 60, and passing the cosmic trial on more of them ; Hawkeye has passed as has Black Panther.    It’s all about two things to pass the trial – Good artifacts with Blessing of Hela; and Omegas.    With DCL not having gone live yet I am going to try and pass as many heroes as possible and see where that comes up.    The odd thing is, if they all pass it, I feel like I’ll be done with the game.    And if the trial disappears I might also be done with it.