The End of Blogging ?

Maybe I should make it official.    I don’t feel like I have anything useful to say anymore so I don’t post.    The world has changed in the past 15-20 years and the number of weird outlets for gaming content is fantastically large.   Reddit is a great resource for pretty much every weird game I pickup.


I am waiting for Ingress Prime which should be out in October.    It’s still fun to play, even in a much less competitive mode – I’m mostly watching others make the map look the way they want.

Summoners War

This is the best game that I’ve ever not played for hours at a time.    You start up a battle and completely ignore it, because you’re levelling up creatures or powerups so you can move the next creature up a star level.   Or, you’re acquiring runes and your team always wins, so it’s just a matter of how many runs you can make.

All this in service of conquering the Trial of Ascension (Made it to floor 90 so far) and getting more powerful to go after further challenges.

So I think I’m done.    It was great fun writing this stuff and I’m still discoverable in many places.

Doc Burbank in all things Ingress, and Summoners War

MrrX on Steam

Keep on gaming, for life.   I know I will be.

Exploring The Rifts


The Rift of Worlds is the place you get two things : The Homonculus, and Grindstones.

Rift of WorldsThe Rift Raid is a three person round where, after forming a party either by inviting your friends or by going through a matching waiting room, you fight a three headed dragon.   Rewards include Grindstones, mana, and maybe other things.    Grindstones are an interesting thing.   You can add them to the runes your monsters have for additional stats.   So if your rune has 5% HP and you add a 1-3% grindstone to it, you’ll have (say) 7% HP afterwards.    If you power up your rune further and increase it, the grindstone stays (I think).

Random Party Matching

The more interesting area is the Rift Beast “Raids”.    They’re fights.    You pick a good team composition and go after them.    Light, Dark, Water, Fire, and Wind.    Each beast requires a different team and give different rewards.

To get the Homonculus (Meant to be the best monster in game, I am hearing it’s not all that) you need to collect the element crystals – like Water Crystal, etc – and a bunch of magic crystals as well.   Once you have the homonculus, you also grind to give it a full set of skills, but this monster has a customizable skill tree.

Homonculus. Can be Wind, Fire, or Water with different trees.

You can get two Homonculi – One Light/Dark, and one Water/Fire/Wind.   I understand the one I’ll want is Water.

Reddit does not describe this place well, but I have an idea where to head with all of this.    But first, I am running the Giants dungeon looking for “better” runes – which means either getting the correct Legendary runes to drop, or so many that I have a ton of mana stones to power up Heroic runes and hope they end up good – with the main goal being to improve the stats for Sigmarus.   You see, my entire Dragons team is too slow, so I’m starting with him in an attempt to improve their stats to the point where I can run the Dragon dungeon with a high degree of success.


Summoning Successes


I continue to move forward in Summoner’s War.   There is an absolute wealth of information available in both the Summoners War Reddit, and various guides that you can easily find by googling.

After conquering the scenarios, and soloing Faimon Hell with your farmer (Lapis, the Water Magic Knight usually) next thing to do is conquer Giants Level 10.    This gets you access to the most important runes in the game, 6 star level.   After that it’s expected you’ll conquer the Dragon dungeon to level 10, and clear the Trial of Ascension on Normal mode.

I’ve managed to conquer the Dragons dungeon.    I can beat DB10 maybe 50-60% of the time and I’m working on upgrading runes to get farther.   The trial, I am less successful at.

  • Trial of Ascension has what the Reddit calls a safe team :
  • Veromos, the newbie’s best friend.   Cleanser.
  • Belladeon, Healer and Armor Breaker.
  • Mav, the Penguin Knight tank and provoker.
  • Spectra, Griffin who slows the enemy team
  • Baretta, DOT’er par excellence

This team gets me to 55 with not much thought but there are certain floors which need adjusted strategies.

  • Light Lich Boss.    When this guy pops in, substitute Colleen for Spectra.    The Lich will heal quickly and constantly defeating you; but Colleen has a heal block to prevent this.
  • Ragdoll + Drogans.   Ragdoll is the Dark Dragon Knight, Drogan is the Dark Inferno.   Part of the key is to kill the Infernos via DOT, but the safe team got wiped every time until I substituted Colleen.   I don’t really understand why.

What I need to do to progress farther is to 6 star Colleen – all the others are already level 40 and 6 star – and to find more monsters for any of the tricky floors.

These two are the main progression areas – conquer the Trial of Ascension, and 95%+ Dragons team – that I need to move forward.   But I’m stuck to some degree.

To progress the Dragons, I need to get “good” 6 star runes.    The runes in slots 2/4/6 are most important, and most rare.  Best would be if the ones I get are legendary, but to get even useful 2/4/6 slot 6 star runes is incredibly slow and grindy.   I get bored.    At least I have a pair that I want to swap out for Sigmarus (Giants Monster), that I just need to save up mana for.    So, it’s going to some degree.

The Trial…. I don’t know what to do next.   The floor I am stuck on has Julianne (the Light Vampire), and dark Martial Cats.    I have tried swapping in Colleen, and Rica, level 40 Occult Girl.    No success.    Reddit is finally failing me for good advice.

There is another avenue of the game that’s not well documented that I’m exploring – the Rifts.   But I’ll save that for another post.

1.0 World of Tanks


For the new graphical update WoT went ahead and moved to an official 1.0 release, after years of making literal millions of dollars.   But the update deserves some interesting version number so it makes sense.

The new garage, with XVM installed.

The old maps are gone, and in their place are new ones in keeping with the spirit of the old maps, but with a lot of important differences.    This is not unexpected in a game where knowing the correct spot to park is so important.

The new Mountain Pass map

My first battle here reveals no major changes; I followed the 1-2 line and tried to support the T6’s but we were wiped out pretty speedily.

New “Presets” for graphics

The screenshot above, obviously, is the High Contrast filter.   You can also select others; I had used “1940s cine” for the other screenshot.    The differences are subtle but really nice.

I have a tough enough computer to still select “Maximum” in the graphics mode, so your mileage may vary.   It still looks pretty nice on Low mode, which gave me a fantastic FPS of 240 as compared to 40 for maximum.

I am enjoying having a week of premium.   I have NO CREDITS, and so am running as many premiums as I can to stack them up.   Premium vehicles are only good when used with premium account, in the sense of getting a lot of credits – otherwise you are better off letting them trickle in while you do matches for other reasons.

My tank playing is rejuvenated for the moment, even as I do the usual and go after the latest mission – collect 100 tokens for some Tier 3 premium.


World of Weekend


, ,

Courtesy of a free week of premium from World of Warplanes, I decided to “dive in” and try out some WWII simulation from Wargaming.

World of Warplanes

The game is pretty different.    There are a group of bases that start out as neutral, and you need to capture them by destroying buildings and defending aircraft.    I had a lot of fun strafing until the bases turned blue.

Next, you need to destroy enemy aircraft until their points are depleted.   You can ignore the bases, but the more bases that your side has under control, the more points you get for destroying enemy aircraft.   I get the sense that each side has a lot of AI players – you can recognize them by their callsigns, like “Arthur” instead of “I_****ed_Your_Mom” or something charming like that.

I do get some interest in progression in the game.   I have always like the P-38 Lightning, the ME 262, and the big bombers – Germany has a few of those.    Strangely, none of the American bombers like B-52 or B-17 are in the game; they will come “in a future update” which probably means “Ha, never, nobody plays this game”.   But I’ll try and unlock the P-38 American branch, and move on to the German planes, and see if that can satisfy my interest.

I have a lot of premium aircraft, and a very few “standard” ones.   It seems I have 5 slots available for new aircraft.

Thanks for the free week of premium Wowp; which carries over to World of Tanks, along with the gold.   I like the game, at least a little bit, but my usual problem is not finding a new game it’s finding time for the others I already play.

World of Warships

This game does not tie in with the others, still, for either gold or free XP which is very disappointing.   I have no doubloons, but almost 7m in silver, and a premium account active though.

The New Port

The port seems to be new, but the rest is as expected; a grind up from one ship to the next.   The battles are a lot of fun, even if I clearly suck at playing the game.   It’s not exactly a noob friendly kind of thing.

I bought a new destroyer (Half off!) and tried assisting by blasting away with torpedos.   I found out that my torpedos fire broadside, but thankfully I was able to sink one ship with an errant set of torpedos.

World of Tanks got a monstrously big update, so I’ll put in a separate post for that.

Still Summoning, Heavy Grinding


With Veromos fused, the newbie level excitement of Summoners War seems to be finished, but the game itself is certainly not.

Veromos Stats

I now have leveled and 6*’d Veromos, and he is level 40 the maximum level.   I have also 6*’d Belladeon, and am in the process of leveling him up to 40.   Before I need to worry about my third 6* I need 4 more 5* fodder/rainbowmons, and I have plenty of max level 4* to use – the trick is getting all the level 1 4* creatures to do so.   Baretta – the Fire Sylph, the beast of the Tower of Ascension – is in progress of being fused.    I have all four of his “ingredients”, with three to level up to 30.

Belladeon stats, in progress

I can now farm the Giants dungeon to GB7; can often – maybe 50% – win the GB8 dungeon; and have successfully cleared once the GB9 dungeon.    All the teams current runes are +10 or higher, and some of my situational monsters too.  I’m collecting my runes and biding my time with equipping them until Free Rune Removal in April.

Top of my Monster Storage page. So many 4* I can level/evolve.

I got tired of hoarding my Mystical Scrolls and I went ahead and used them all – 61.   I got a lot of 3* fodder for leveling, and a lot of creatures 3* and 4* to level up.    I did not yet get a Natural 5* though.   The creatures I have stored away for leveling up are now too numerous to mention.   I’m most interested in getting a 5* max Rina, the Water Epikion Priestess.

The main team remains the suggested Newbie team :

  • Veromos
  • Belladeon
  • Shannon
  • Bernard
  • Konamiya

Elucia is retired – can’t really find a use for her, Mikene surpasses her in every way.   Other situational monsters include

  • Mikene – Very useful for needing Water or Healing, as a natural 4*.
  • Teon – Light monsters are usually neutral fights, plus revives.
  • Khmun – My PvP leader, good offense and protection with that shield he throws
  • Lapis – Sometimes my farmer, sometimes for Water.  Much less useful with Vero around.
  • Kaimann – Rounds out my Water list for drowning Fire mons.    High defense.

Fodder process is roughly :

  • Feed 1* monsters to something 2*, evolve it.
  • Take 3 2*’s and level them up and evolve.
  • Get a group of 3 3* and max level them.
  • When enough 3* are available, create 4* level 1’s.
  • When enough 4* are available, evolve a rainbowmon to 5*

And for my many 4* creatures I only need to decide to evolve them with the 4*’s.   Most of the game now is about grinding hard, and hoping for the lightning strike of summoning a 5* creature.    I could also fuse Sigmarus, one of the Phoenix creatures, which is a grind on par with Veromos, but so far I’m resisting that.    Grind on !

Veromos Fused


It was quite a lot of grinding for the food monsters, but then it was finally done.    I was able to 5* all the monsters for the Veromos fusion.

Next step was to burn up every angelmon in my inventory.    They brought Mikene, Askia, and Argen up pretty far, but I didn’t still have any dark angelmons.    So the yeti Kumae would clearly take the longest.    On to Faimon Volcano Hard, with farmer Lapis, for experience grinding.   And eventually made all four max level 5*.

It’s finally ready.

And then, it was done.    I had my Dark Ifrit.

Veromos !

I spent some time leveling him up (along with, of course, more food monsters) until he was 25, then I tried out Giants 7 and beat it.    I put the violent runes on him which are given as a reward for fusing him.

So now, I should do several things.

  • Awakening Materials for Darion, Mikene #2, and Veromos.    Mostly high essences, naturally.
  • Run the GB7 dungeon in the hope of better runes, which I’m getting a better idea of what “good” means.    These are probably just to hold onto until April when FRR happens again.
  • Get that mana.    I have an insatiable appetite for mana stones.    Storage expansion, rune powerups, and ability to summon all those scrolls come to mind immediately.
  • Begin the fusion process for Baretta.   I bought a Martial Cat from the guild shop, and the rest of the creatures are all farmable.   He is needed for the Tower of Ascension, my possible next target.
  • Create enough food monsters for 6* Veromos.    3 5* food creatures in inventory; plus I’ll want to do Belladeon soon after him.
  • And the obvious, max level Veromos.


Food and Rangers


I now have three of four Veromos fusion monsters at 4* max.    The other one needs two levels only; and I want to 5* my mummy Namib.    But to 5* these guys, you need four 4* monsters at level 1.

Enter grinding up fodder monsters to 4*.   Boy, this is a huge pain.   I have gone from having 120 monsters summoned and ready for use, to 60 monsters and running low on food materials.    I’m even once again levelling up 1* monsters as part of the grind.

First, you level up three 1*’s.   Then, if you have the right food, take those same creatures and level them up and evolve to 3*’s.    Then, level them up to max and let these guys sit.    Time to create a new batch of thee level 1 3* monsters, feed them to one of the 3* max creatures.   You now have a 4* level 1 food monster.

Storage on the right shows a bunch of 4* level 1 monsters. The others I’m saving.

I have 13 of the 20 materials needed to get all of these creatures leveled up, but I’m a bit distracted by the event over the weekend –

Not the Magic Shop – which is a cool event too – but the Elven Ranger secret dungeon.    I can use any Elven Rangers for skillups for my Light or Fire unit.   I understand one or both of them should be good; and getting skillups for anything that doesn’t drop is a challenge at best.    So it’s a question of grinding the secret dungeon over and over – and if I’m bored, I just switch to the 4* food grind.

I also found out some interesting things about summons and powering up.   If you use a 1* to power up a monster, you get the most XP for it by powering up another 1* monster.   It also costs the least mana.    So this suggests that you never use a monster to power up anything high – probably no better than 1 level higher than the powerup, if that.   Combine this fact with the fact that 1-15 on a 1* monster takes less XP than 1-15 on a 5* monster, and you have some useful info when asking yourself what to do with all of those summons.

Speaking of lots of summons – I have that.   650 Unknown scrolls, 29 Mystical scrolls, and a few of the higher ones.   I don’t see where there is any need to open them at the moment, given that I’m pushing for Veromos, plus the fact that they have a minuscule chance of summoning something high anyway.   I’m only opening as many Unknown scrolls as I need to keep the food train on its tracks.

And after Free Rune Removal, and rejiggering all my runes – we were able to clear GB7 with a friend’s rep monster !    That’s a milestone.    This is the first dungeon which you are suggested to grind infinitely for runes to equip on your monsters.   Star ratings of 3-6 can drop beginning here.    One more thing to add to my list of “things to do in the game”.

It’s Cleared !

But first, I want to get my 5 monsters to 5*.

The Ifrit Achievements


Summoners War decided to do a patch last night, with a few gameplay tweaks related to raids and such; and a new set of challenges related to the Veromos fusion.   Timely !

The new Challenges tab

First up was simply examining the Fusion info, which I was intimately familar with.   Next, you needed to 3* a group of monsters – one fire, one wind, one water.   Presumably the tutorial aspect here is to get players used to evolving the star stages of their monsters.

Ifrit Challenge details

The next steps are the things I’ve been working on and blogging in previous entries : Level food monsters up, awaken them, and then make one fusion monster.    Now, for those of us who have already done this, the statement is that doing ANY fusion will make all these achievements fire, so I just have to get through the first nine, and then fuse my second Mikene, and the three on the far right will auto complete.    How lucky for me – that I got all the stuff for Mikene and am ready to fuse her !

Between the Fire dungeon and Magic dungeon today, I got all but 5 of the needed high essences for awakening……. but I also got a nice surprise.   The reward for fusing the Vampire is 10 High Magic essences !    So once I fire that achievement I will have enough for both Mikene and the Succubus.

So now it’s back to the evolution grind, with a bit of a twist – making sure to get these new achievements to go off.


Max Level


I have made the maximum village level in Summoner’s war :

The sad thing is, no more free energy every level up

I now have to acquire “mentees” at some point.   I have 24 hours where my mentors still show on my page, then I think I can add them.    After I have Veromos as a rep monster, I think I’m valuable to people.   I need to seek out more standard friends with him as rep too.

My main gameplay for “All Attribute Weekend” is getting high essences.  Clearly, it’s very hard to acquire them in any quantity for high level awakenings.   It would help if I was running higher dungeon levels, but I’m doing a lot of 4’s so that my non-maxed monsters can grind the XP.

Running almost nothing but dungeons, I have managed all the high level essences for Water, but still short on Fire and Wind.   And this is before trying to get any Magic essences – since Magic is every day, and other than this weekend, the elemental dungeons are time gated.

Planning on a 100/100/Infinite cap for each essence

Amusingly, I have acquired all the monsters needed to fuse a second Mikene (Water Undine) – obviously, getting the secret dungeons is the easier thing to do, versus acquiring essences.    I want to keep the second one, if I can get it created, and I may want a third someday for additional fusions.

I have finally jettisoned all but 5 or so of 1* monsters and my storage is full of 2* on up.   I am ready for some grinding up of food monsters.