On 2/9/23 the developers updated the game via Steam to version 3.59. Patch notes here. These include some things that are interesting and helpful to me personally.

There are many things related to “perfecting/improving” a nation’s stats, such as unity and cohesion, that will have some interesting gameplay effect. Time will tell.

This was jarring the first time I saw it, but it’s a good thing.

assignments button will say “enemies are planning” when AI is working and it can’t be selected

I eventually figured out that national priorities, marked in red, really don’t mean a lot. Whatever is red figures into things like coup d’etat success and so far this has been a nonissue, so I ignore it. Glad the yellow is being used now.

Updated Priorites to use Yellow text for warnings instead of red

The new UI tweak looks much better and provides better information.

Councilor Mission List UI Update

Thank you ! My save names are done manually, I ended up with “Cine-4?”, with 4 being a playthrough number and ? being a letter for 26 possibilities.

default save names will include ingame date by by default

Now this is weird – I thought this was a bug. It’s a feature. I frequently want to get rid of orgs that are in the unassigned orgs pool, but instead I have to take an org that I want to keep; move it to the pool; take the junk org and assign it to a councilor; sell the junk org; reassign the good org back to the councilor. Argh.

fix code that was supposed to prevent you from selling faction orgs from your unassigned orgs pool to the market

Thank you, it was annoying to have this tooltip constantly appear, then bug out, then reappear.

Fixed Alien Threat Tutorial not appearing

There are all kinds of notes about marine-based space combat. I vaguely remember once taking another hab away from a faction during my first playthrough, but haven’t been able to since. Recently, I haven’t even wanted to, owing to the game start conditions I’m using (Cinematic, three faction).

I did a search through the Podcast universe and discovered that Three Moves Ahead has an episode on Terra Invicta (From Sept 30), and it was interesting to hear about their experiences in the game. They are all behind where I am at, but to their credit, I suspect they are playing on a harder difficulty level than me. Many game annoyances and bugs they mention appear to have been squashed, and I’m not surprised.

I’m familiar with working on projects that get patched over time, discovering bugs, reporting them, and going through the cycle of improvement, and clearly this Pavonis group is good at that. They’re making something really good here; I’m glad I found out about Terra Invicta early.

Right now looks like the game is 20% off on Steam if you’re ready to buy it – “Early Access” applies.