The new hotness in Summoners War is building a team to clear the Dragons basement. The meta team is usually called Tricaru, which consists of three Icarus, plus Verdehile which long time players all have.

You might think, as I did, that the difficulty is just creating three Icaru with full second awakening, but that would not be correct. The challenge is runing each Icaru. I had no idea it would be this difficult when I started.

The magic number is getting 2381 extra defense points for me (as per the community’s table). Okay. That doesn’t sound hard, but it turns out it actually is.

Target Defense2381
2 Defense Artifacts(200)
Slot 3 Rune (Flat Mainstat)(160)
Slot 2 Defense (63%)(463)
Slot 4 Defense (63%)(463)
Slot 6 Defense (63%)(463)
Wildcard Defense points needed632

So far, so good. But then you realize what all this means based on the rules of Summoners War runes. You CANNOT have a Defense % substat on any of the 2/4/6 runes because that’s the main stat. Also, Slot 1 is the Attack rune and therefore can’t have any defense stats, either flat or percentage.

Flat Bonuses0
2 runes left (3, and 5)
Amount per rune316
So what percentage?42%
Defense Max8%
Potential Defense – Legend40%
There might be some rounding issues here, but point is made.

So – to do this without “special” rune sets, you need two runes with almost perfect rolls and perhaps some good grinds added to close-to-perfect ones. Do you have any of these ? Yeah, me neither.

Maybe you could make this work with every rune having flat defense stats as well, but that’s not likely. Every roll into flat is a roll that can’t go into percentage, after all.

So with that out of the way, you have two rune types of value here. Guard runes, and Determination runes. Guard : 2 runes gives a +15% defense bonus. Determination : 2 runes gives EVERYONE on the team a +8% defense bonus. Just to make it more painful, Determination is hard to get since they come from rifts or crafting…….. and Guard runes come from the Dragons dungeon.

Dragons. You know, the dungeon you are building these creatures to conquer.

I started playing around with the spreadsheet above and I think I found the sweet spot, where getting the stats is difficult but not impossible.

Target Defense2381
2 Defense Artifacts(200)
Slot 3 Rune (Flat Mainstat)(160)
Slot 2 Defense (63%)(463)
Slot 4 Defense (63%)(463)
Slot 6 Defense (63%)(463)
Additional Defense points needed632
Guard Runes (3×15%)(344)
Determination (1×8%)(62)
Wildcard Defense points needed226
Flat additions0
2 runes left113
Required amount32%
Per rune16%
Much less stressful

This starts to get more do-able. Somehow, acquire at least one Determination set with high defense values and figure out how to plug that into an Icaru. Or, give Verde a Determination set. Either works. Get 2/4/6 Guard Defense runes (Believe it or not, I don’t have a single one :cries:) And getting 16% per guard rune just means getting a double roll on a rune and/or adding some grind. Get flat stats for an even easier time.

The best way to get 6 star Guard runes is running Dragons 12, and my current team passes it a mere 50% of the time (Verdehile, Dusky, Fran, Loren, Spectra). Still – it will happen eventually with these parameters. I can also craft Guard runes to shorten the time, hopefully.

This will be fun, even if it takes a very long time to finish.