I recall reading an analysis of the chance that any player will get a Light or Dark Nat 5 in Summoners War. It was well reasoned, and showed the math that you would probably never get one. Unless you were lucky.

I’m lucky. I have Pontos, the Light Sea Emperor.

S1 – Transfers a harmful effect to the enemy.

S2 – AOE attack that silences enemies for 2 turns.

S3 – Grants immunity and invincibility to all allies for 1 turn.

Based on that last skill, it sounds like the obvious runing choice is triple will, which should make that timeframe four turns instead of one, unless there’s some exception carved out in the code I’m unaware of.

And of course, where do you get will runes ? That’s right – the Dragons basement. My Tricaru project takes on even more significance based on that.

It turns out someone has already made an even better spreadsheet than the one I came up with, and I’m using this to try and solve the 18-ish piece puzzle of getting runes to achieve the Tricaru team. The good news is I have the three 2/4/6 runes on the first Icaru, with one set even being determination, thus giving me more wiggle room for the stats.

Been farming all day the rifts in search of either runes, or rune materials, but so far haven’t added to the three existing. Slot 1 is easy, but slots 3 and 5 have very steep and random requirements so it’s a question of waiting for the RNG to settle.

I recall something I learned in math class about random numbers – the anomalous results tend to “clump”. I am hoping that I get some nice clumpy results and more Nat4 and Nat5 light & dark creatures.