World of Tanks newest update is live.   And finally, the tanks that I’ve always wanted to drive – for no other reason than that THEY’RE ENGLISH! – are now available.

The first tank is imaginatively named the Mark I.

Three matches and it’s elited

Playing with a 50% crew is really miserable, and doesn’t give a lot of insight as to how well the tank performs.   It seems inaccurate; good armor; good gun; slow as anything.    But given I have two projects with Tier 1 tanks already, I’m leaving this one alone.   Not selling it, mind you.

Next, I reviewed the three lines of tanks that Britain has.    There’s a medium tree, and two paths up the heavy tree.    For the moment, I’ll move up the medium line, and that means buying a new A13 Mk II.

Apparently, used in North Africa in real life.

Other things of note : Prohorovka assault has been removed, so the first thing I did was to re-enable assault in the game.   It’s worth a try, as many maps have very fun assaults.    Dragon Ridge has also been reintroduced into the game.

Progress notes include :

  • Panther unlocked!    I will continue playing the VK3002DB for the moment.
  • 134K on the VK4502A.   Not much free XP will be needed to get the 4502B.
  • KV-4 is getting better; the engine upgrade made it much less painful to drive.    12k of 15k towards the upgraded turret.

And golden joystick weekend is about to begin.    Happy tanking everyone !