I believe there were good reasons – Jury duty, getting a cold, intense work.    But whatever they were exactly, I still haven’t tried out Mechwarrior Online.

Patched and ready to go

I doubt I will be doing so over the weekend.    Golden Joystick is active for World of Tanks, and nothing’s more satisfying than getting big XP.     New British tanks are a big draw.   And the thought of starting the learning curve on a new game seems more…. like work.    I’m going to start learning a new software package monday, I don’t need two.

Weird how what is supposed to be diversion can morph into something else entirely.    There’s a lot of crossover with big software package work, and the meta game with any MMO or big game.    Post bugs on forums.   Track patches.    Make developers understand what’s wrong.    Maybe this isn’t exactly for fun all by itself…..