Someone on the Resistance side is cackling madly now at what they’ve done.

Now that is a megafield.

Now that is a megafield.

This covers Los Angeles, San Diego, parts of San Bernadino, and even better covers the Niantic event (Anomaly, big yellow circle) in Santa Monica.

The field came into existence early Sunday morning and is still up Sunday night.    Probably because the three anchor points are well chosen and difficult to reach.

Anchor #1 – The top of Mount Whitney, which is accessible only by hiking.   You have to plan carefully to reach the summit, and access is even restricted by quotas.   The story is that it was apparently taken via a helicopter ride (!).

Anchor #2 – Ancapa Island, east of the Channel Islands in the ocean off the coast of Los Angeles.    It has three permanent residents, and I’ve never heard of a boat that goes there.

Anchor #3 – Coco’s Corner, a rest stop on a deserted gravel highway that runs through Baja California.    Stop, have a cold drink, and hack a very unique portal.

I spent the day at Disneyland, which in addition to being the happiest place on earth, is also covered with portals.    I lost phone power pretty quickly, all things considered, but I’m sure I’ve boosted the unique hacks and unique captures badges some.    No links could be created – the megafield prevents them.    I will be very happy when my Anker battery gets to me, which is supposed to hold enough power to boost the phones use by a factor of three or more.

I’m assuming it will stay up until someone gets to Ancapa island and knocks down the portals, since all things considered this is probably the easiest place for agents to reach.   I mean, if the Blue side has guys with helicopters I’m sure the Greens have some folks with boats in LA.    Perhaps sometime tomorrow.

In the meantime, life under the field is a different tactical challenge.    With no links possible, this is a great time to take down portals solely for the purpose of killing links.   It’s all about defense, as this will semi-permanently kill any fields that are hit.   I’ll be up early and ready to knock down what I can in Burbank outside of my normal haunts.

How on Earth these guys punch through all the intervening gameplay to make these links is a mystery to me.   It must rival a military operation.    Definitely not my kind of thing, I’d rather stick to making a spiderweb of fields, and failing that knock down what the enemy puts up.