Some Insights Were Had


Hah.   I thought this was going to take awhile.

The gang’s all here

But after I popped a 2x XP item for 100 crystals the XP got flowing really quick.   I ignored all the secret dungeons and other game items, and brought each food monster up to 4* pretty quickly.     Then, I fused each one for the intermediate set of monsters shown above.

And there it is !

Now in possession of each beast required for the Veromos fusion.   All I need to do is

  1. Get them to 5*
  2. Max level them (35)
  3. Awaken each one (They need high essences)

I am going to try a little something different now, for the evolution grind needed to create higher * creatures.   I’m going to buy as many 2* as I can from the Magic Shop.    These are 1/2 the cost of the normal creatures, about 12k, and just as good when it comes to empty filling of XP and levels with Farmer Lapis.   And the 1 * creatures can just be food for 2* monsters.

That’s a lot of 1* creatures to level up.

Part of this is skipping the 1* leveling, even though it’s kind of fun.    Might as well be faster.   Part of the reason is the number of scrolls I’m accumulating.    Mana crystals don’t bother me, but I am amassing a metric ton of scrolls –

Plus 6 wind/fire/water scrolls.

With all these scrolls I should probably just destroy all the 1* creatures by feeding them to something else.

I also realized something about the arena battles.    What I’ve been doing is “farming losses”, by constantly attacking a guy just for the point of killing my rating, so it goes down past 1000.    Then, I would refresh and look for someone with an intentionally useless defense (Like a 1* level 1) and take them out.

Battles fought, aka the “revenge” tab

Why I haven’t been taking advantage of the revenge button, I don’t know.   I’m a little slow.   But if you do it right –

  1. I beat the other guy.
  2. He immediately beats me.
  3. I then beat him.
  4. He beats me back

And you are farming lots of glory shop points while keeping your rating roughly the same.   No more wasting wings on intentional losses.    And those glory points are really helpful in getting your energy to regenerate faster, and increase the cap for your energy.


Success in Chiruka


Late Monday night I got the final monster for the Veromos fusion.

Wind Minotauros !

And since then, I’ve spent time in the grind.   I have a whole gaggle of beasts at maximum level, so I’ve been evolving each of them.   I am also moving forward each monster needed for the “mini fusions” – there are three creatures you have to create, which are the actual ones used in the Veromos fusion, with the others I’ve collected being the ones needed for THEIR fusions.

Vampire, Succubus, and Undine are the intermediate steps.

I should soon have the last of the twelve at 4* evolution, and then it’s a simpler matter of acquiring their XP.    After that, I need to make the three plus the Dark Yeti a max 5* and I’ll be in the clear.

This is going to take awhile.    In the meantime I’m trying to collect the odd useful rune with an eye towards reworking my team on Free Rune Removal day, expanding my storage, and tucking away various monsters received from scrolls.    I got another Wind Frankenstein (heh), and I got a Wind Harg – might be useful.   I definitely am looking for more wind creatures.

The World Boss



Having sucked HarbingerZero into Summoner’s War, I expect the rest of you lot, you know who you are, to also give the game a try.   I’m just kidding, but you might like this craziness – for real.

Same for you all from the land of Ingress.   I recently annoyed an ENL player who thinks he owns the entire downtown of Ventura.   But in all honesty I’m not putting in much time to the game any longer.    I’m in a spoiler mode only for Downtown Burbank, keeping the ENL from just having their way with the place.    All kinds of travelers come through and clear the place out too (Thank you all !), but I really would rather do Summoners’ War and work towards the big prizes.

I managed to clear the Chiruka Remains on Hard mode, shortly after Normal mode, and I seem to have unlocked two additional game modes.

The Dimensional Rift, and the World Boss.

The Dimensional Rift claims to give out a ton of additional experience in exchange for a bunch of energy (20 or 30 to enter).    The one time I tried it I played in the Ferun Castle and so took my toughest monsters – who were max level – and was unimpressed with the XP.    The Garen Forest should be a lot easier – let’s try it.

Is it worth it ?

4 energy gets me 3,900 XP across three monsters (Faimon Volcano farmed by Lapis).   20 energy nets me 22,500 XP across five monsters.    It’s pretty close, actually, as for energy spent to XP earned.   The advantage is probably time spent, since the battle was a lot shorter.

The World Boss I have not yet been able to try.   You need a minimum of 10 “Powerful” monsters.    This means something like monsters at level 30 or higher.    When I’ve tried it I only have 7 available, since I’m currently in a grinding creatures up phase.    The rewards should be pretty good for it – various summoning scrolls and pieces and the like –  but only if you can get decent “grades” for the fights.   I expect I’ll get an “F” for my fights and thus get minimal rewards, so I’m in no hurry.

Not ready for this one, yet.

Other than that, Summoner’s War is very good at mixing up the gameplay for you in an attempt to keep it fun.   This weekend there was a secret dungeon to get a natural 3* unusual creature (Wind Frankenstein), and the Valentine event continues to give either energy as a reward, move you closer or get you a Devilmon (I got mine), and perhaps even get you a scroll (I got a Water Summoning scroll).

Still hitting the Chiruka remains, hopefully I’ll get my Minotauros soon.

The Evolution Grind


One monster left to acquire for Veromos fusion.   But it seem that’s the easier part to some degree – it takes a long time to bring monsters up.

It seems the usual method is to start with 2* monsters.    You can do 1* monsters – they don’t take very much time and energy to use – but I find I have plenty of 2* monsters available to use as both food, and creatures for leveling up.

In the middle you can see 3 hellhounds in the process of getting 3* max levels.

So I start with three 2* monsters at level 1, and run through Faimon Volcano with them.   Next, you evolve them all to 3*.    Then, once again run through Faimon until these are all max level.

Sometimes, rainbowmons drop during a Faimon Volcano run, and you want to evolve these creatures too and make 3* food creatures out of them.   If you were lucky enough to get three, then use them to take one of your three max level 3* and evolve him.   If not, now it’s time to repeat the process.

Leveling up a new group of 3* food monsters, for your 3* max level monsters, is now something you’re familiar with.   Do this up to three times, along with the necessary evolutions, and you now have three 4* food monsters.

Left shows my monsters in use, right shows “storage”. I have a lot of monsters to evolve in the storage.

I want to prepare for my 6* Veromos fusion and evolution, along with whatever beast I will make my 2nd 6*, so I want to evolve those 4* rainbowmons.    Once this is complete, the “easier” task of finalizing the standard beginner team can start.   5* max level Belladeon, Shannon, Lapis, Bernard, Darion, and Konamiya.

And as I go daily, I am using friend rep monsters to progress the Hard mode of each scenario.   Clearing the boss for Ferun Castle got me my Fire Living Armor (Lucky, by all accounts!), and I spent some time clearing the elemental dungeons for the essences needed for awakening.   It was straightforward, with the time pressure of trying to get what I needed before the dungeon “expired” until the next week.   But I got everything I wanted.

Now, I just need to grind and get the level 5 creatures that I want.   Along with progressing the Chiruka Remains on Hard and hoping for the Minotaur drop.

Things for Beginners to know


I have alluded a little bit to the various resources I’ve found to understand – and enhance the experience of – the game Summoners War.   I should post these.

First off, the fantastic Step By Step guide is probably the best resource.   I didn’t follow it from the beginning so I’m a bit off on it, but I’m roughly on Chapter 8.   They walk you through EVERYTHING about the game and if you follow this closely, you’ll be doing well.   Much better than I did, when I 5 starred a lousy monster (Kaimann) solely because I got it when awakened.

Second is the Summoners War Reddit, which includes a “Super Sticky” with lots of useful and confusing information, and a Daily Advice Thread where people will answer your questions.   Nooby questions get a good reception.   Spammy people and stupid questions get downvotes and ignored.

Once you realize that you need to fuse Veromos, the Guide to Fusing Veromos is an obviously useful thing to have.   This guy goes into great detail about the process and intermediary steps; your Step By Step also has a few notes about it.

Happy Valentines Day to all !

Secrets No More


Recapping my progress on Summoner’s War.

  • Two monsters left to acquire for Veromos fusion.   Some of them I have are awakened, and some are being levelled up.    The final two have to be farmed from high level scenarios, not secret dungeons.
  • Two to go. C’mon and drop Living Armor.

  • Five 5* Max Level monsters – Added Khmun to this list.   Two 5* working up (Shannon, Konamiya), and two max level 4* monsters needing to be evolved (Bernard, and the Wind Mummy).
  • Giant’s Keep level 5 (GB5), along with all elemental dungeons, are farmable.   Need to improve my GB5 success rate to more like 100% by selecting the recommended monsters, noted above.
  • With friend monsters help, I’ve cleared all the Normal scenarios, including Chiruka.   Hard mode is cleared to Aiden Forest.

Having finished with the secret dungeons for awhile, my friends list is much more stable.   I had been deleting 5 people a day – the game only lets you delete that many – based on whoever logged in the least, or provided the least help.  Then I would add the various people who pop secret dungeons.   I’m trying to pay them back by entering every secret dungeon that they open for me.    Every person who enters one will give the “popper” one piece for that monster.

Fire Vagabond, anyone ?

And instead, now *I* am farming the essences from the elemental dungeons.   This means that I might open up a secret dungeon – it’s a rare drop from the “Hall of XYZ”.

It took a long time to get the High Essences needed for Khmun – 7 magic, and 12 fire.    My current thought is to get my inventory for these things up to 100 each and then start fusing them to something higher; we’ll see how that plays out.    I know if I fuse them when I have less I’m going to regret it; it’s not a simple thing to acquire exactly the quantity and level of essences that you need.

I managed to open up an Imp dungeon; nobody entered it 😦 .

Khmun, the Fire Anubis

Welcome to Whale Central


Summoner’s War is one of the most expensive free-to-play games I have ever seen.   Maybe the most expensive.

There are at least 100 – maybe more – of the super rare natural 5* creatures in the game.    (Here’s a list, without a total)   A lot of these guys really clean up, so it’s natural to want more of them.   But the acquisition of them leaves something to be desired.

Most of the packages I can buy cost $30, $50, or $100.    For that, you get anywhere from 11 mystical scrolls (Range from 3* to 5* summon.    Usually a 3*), to a single legendary scroll (Guaranteed 5* summon).

The “inexpensive” items are $5 – $10 each, and are of no interest whatsoever to me.   Crystals (The premium currency) plus manastones.   No thanks !

A typical offer

Five bucks for crystals – on a daily basis – and a miniscule 5% increase in your mana stone generation.   Really ?   5 % is supposed to get me excited.

The kicker is the crystals have one good purpose – buying energy.   I can just wait until my energy regenerates; as it is, I don’t really run out of ability to take game actions, instead I run out of time to play.    There are other things you can buy with the crystals, but they suffer from the same problems – very costly !

Whale Packs.

This one is a bit more interesting, but the cost !   6, 6* runes are pretty nice, but they are random and may not be considered “good”.    One legendary scroll – 4* or 5* monster.    And some other stuff, all for $50.  Or, I could spend $100 for a random 5*.   Boy this stuff is expensive.

Imagine being ready to spend money and complete a collection of beasts in this game – you could probably spend $10,000.    That’s 100 of the $100 packs and assuming they all give you new monsters instead of any duplicates.

So they’ve forgone the semi cheapskates like me – I want to spend some money, but at these levels, forget it – in favor of the whales.   And given the amount of money they make they seem to be getting it.

Instead, I’ll depend on the summoning pieces, free scrolls, and events.

The Summoners War Battle


The typical fight in Summoners War consists of picking your team – anywhere from 2 to 5 monsters – for a single battle.   This can be either a scenario battle or PVP battle in the Arena.

The loading screen. I assume the elite monsters are all shown here. I only recognize Veromos.

Then you start a turn by turn process of attacking and defending.    Your monsters have 2-4 abilities which you use against enemy monsters.

Monster abilities on the right, speed controls on the left.

Or, you do like I do and ignore the whole thing and set it on auto resolve, and 3x battle speed.

You can see buff icons (blue) and debuffs (red) on the enemy team

The fight goes back and forth depending on your team’s power and abilities.   They all mix very nicely.   A 5* creature can be overwhelmed by the right 3* creatures.    The right abilities will wipe out the wrong creatures.

You also want to pit the right creatures against the enemy team, if you can.    Light and Dark are both strong against the other.    Water beats fire.   Fire beats wind/air.    Air beats water.

My team is winning, but Kaimann just got hit hard and debuffed.

At the end, you receive mana stones, energy, crystals, and a chest.   Your monsters get experience, if below maximum level.

After this, a chest pops up with runes, summoning pieces, or other items.

I am currently doing some combination of getting Light essences and secret dungeons.   I have my Fire Salamander, so I have three creatures to go for Veromos fusion.

Just two scenarios to farm. Plus Dark Yeti SD.


Veromos at 25%


The race for secret dungeon monsters seems to be over.    I’ve acquired the water and air creatures that I needed – at least, the ones that come from the dungeons.

Four left to go. I could even make Mikene.

It turns out that channel 1050, filled with spammers and rude people, is also a good place to get secret dungeons.    After hanging out in there I know where to go once I start creating these things again.    You see, I have no idea how many essences I’m holding – but I’ll need a lot to awaken all these monsters.   And secret dungeons pop up when you are trying to get essences.   One thing at time though.   After I acquire the last monsters I’ll be more interested in the essences and levelling these mons up.

I need a Dark dungeon day; the Faimon Volcano, which is just a matter of repetition; and I need to progress the game far enough that I can conquer the Chiruka Remains, and hopefully farm it.    I’m close to resetting Shannon as a 5* creature, and Khmun is level 24.

Those runes need improvement to be a solo farmer…

So it’s back to the Faimon Volcano and grinding out the matches.

Graphical Runes Guide


A lot of the guides I have seen about runes are incomplete.   I just want to know more information about the rune graphics themselves; I don’t know very well how to tell what the information means.   If you know the graphic, that’s a big part of the battle.

Flat runes ?   Good and Bad ?   Star ratings ?   Color ? Substats ?   Maybe I have cleared up these terms below.

First data point : Runes have a color rating.   In order, from best to worst :

  • White is Normal.
  • Blue is Rare.
  • Green is Magic.
  • Purple is Heroic.
  • Orange is Legendary.

Second data point : Runes have a star rating.    The ratings go from 1 to 6.   And yet, these two “goodness indicators” both seem to intersect, I believe I’ve seen 3* Legendary runes and 6* Normal runes.

One example

Third data point : Each rune has a fixed stat, in other words, all runes of that slot will always have this property.   These guys created a good table with this info :

The Special Property may appear instead of the static stat.   “Flat” is Summoner War slang for an additive property (+40) instead of a percentage based (+3%).

Fourth data point : Your rune may have a “Fake” substat.   These can be good – but they will always stay the same and never increase in power when powered up.   More on that later.

Fifth data point : Your rune may have 1-4 Secondary Effects.   The more, the better !   These can also be added when powering up your runes.

The two “+9” indicators tell you this rune has been powered up 9 times.

Sixth data point : You can power up your rune.   Each time you power it up, it gets “better”.   The rule of thumb seems to be to power them up based on their color, in other words don’t power up a white rune past +3, green rune past +6, etc.

I think I understand this better, at least.   Pictures help.