Dark Monday


In Summoners War, every Monday is a Dark day.   Very appropriate.

I went from 4 to 8 of 40 “pieces” needed for the Dark Yeti (and Veromos).   Not much progress, despite waiting forever and staring at the chat, hoping the right message would come across.   Saw it twice and got pieces from only one.

The idea is to request a friend from anyone who gets a line for Yeti, similar to the Harpu line shown.

I did, however, get the dark Fairy, Warbear, Garuda, and Howl so all was not wasted.   One of the nice features about summoning beasts from the pieces is they can exist outside of your storage system (your “deck” and the literally named storage building), thus not costing you any space.

Sitting “inside” my Summonhenge building.

Tuesday is the Hall of Fire, which I will have to hope provides me with a Salamander and Imp – both needed for Veromos.   I also need Fire Living Armor but he doesn’t come from a Secret Dungeon.


Light Dungeon Day


Sunday was a great day for the Light Dungeons in Summoner’s War.

Super Important !

I also received a Light Vagabond, along with enough light material to awaken it; just need to go after the Magic Dungeon for the rest of the essences, which I wasn’t interested in doing when Light is available.

Less important light creatures received are Yeti, Pixie, Salamander, and Viking.   Did not receive enough pieces to summon the Light Cow Girl, but got halfway there (25/40).

Next is the Dark dungeon day, which will hopefully finish the Dark Yeti and provide other, easy monsters like I got during Light.


Free Rune Removal Day


My first day of Free Rune Removal for Summoner’s War went very well.    First Saturday of every month is FRR; but I got a headstart at midnight.

All my best runes went to Lapis, and I built the recommended sets as much as possible for the other beasts.   But, with the best runes I could pull off, I finally completed Faimon Hell – Normal as a soloist.   This lead to an entire domino set of challenges being completed.

Now with 6 Fast Level challenges complete, and 12 Daily Dungeons complete.

Next goal is to have Shannon the Pixie get to 5* – she is at 4* and maximum level – which will require four 4* food creatures.   I have three of them.    My first 6* will require five 5* food creatures.    Still have two of these.

I have leveled up, skilled up, and evolved a bunch of creatures during the day, thanks to saving up lots of energy from various rewards, and spending it all while a 2x XP reward was active.    Next challenge I’m likely to complete is the “Get 4 creatures to maximum level 4*”, which requires me to finish my only natural 4* – Fire Anubis.   The other 3 should be complete.

I will also need to continue going after the Giants Basement 4, and 5, dungeons.    I try the 5 if I have friend/mentor help or if I feel lucky; I only complete it about 60% of the time with my monsters.    The 4 I can complete with my team.    Gotta get those runes for a consistent run with my team for GB5.

Today, the goal will be to run Light Dungeons all day in search of pretty much any light creatures.    These are rare-ish monsters for the most part, and include a few notable beasts.

  • Light Inugami “Belladeon”, a monster right up there with Veromos and Lapis on the power/utility charts.
  • Light Vagabond “Darion”, something which I think you were supposed to get as part of the newbie rewards, and which I appear to have used as food at some point.
  • Light Cowgirl – all the channels are alive with requests for her, so I assume she’s good, but know nothing otherwise about her.

Happy Super Bowl day to all.

Left are my “Team” and any fodder monsters. Right is my “Storage” which appears to be infinitely expandable. It goes at least to 500.

Four 5 Stars


Looks like I’m in a grindy part of Summoner’s War.

The Battle Screen

My four main monsters are 5* and max level of 35 – Lapis, Elucia, Teon, and Kaimann.   Shannon is 4* and 27, and slowly getting her XP.

So how does the combat work anyway ?   It’s a turn based system with a lot of rules I haven’t bothered to learn.   You can set the game on auto and it resolves them quickly, and it’s kind of fun to watch.   Fighting in the Faimon Volcano gives a lot of XP which is what I’m mostly looking for at the moment.

The 3D graphics are actually really good for a phone game.

Currently, in the hunt for Veromos, I am waiting for Monday which is “Dark” day, hoping for a Yeti dungeon to farm and get a copy of the needed 1st monster for fusion.   The hunt for the Wind Inferno was a bust.   Veromos is the recommended first 6*.    To get him there, you need 5 level 1 5* monsters.   I have one of those, and am getting closer to more.

Right now I’m waiting for Midnight, which starts Free Rune Removal day, where I will fix/assign all my runes and we’ll see how well Lapis can perform in Faimon scenario.   I’m hoping that will start her soloing career there.    I also need to consistently (always) win the Giant Basement at Level 5; currently I win maybe 60-75% of the time.

This is a lot of fun.

Not quite Easy-Lapis


The Hall of Water opened up today, and in short order I had ground out all Magic essences and awakened Elucia.    Next awakening target was the angelmons.    These little blobs are used only as XP boosts, and they give 1.5x XP in their own element when sacrificed.  They only needed 5 essences each and were quickly awakened, then consumed in bringing beasts up in level.

Lapis is now a maxed-out 5* monster farming the Faimon Volcano…….. but needs a helper.   I’ve been using Kaimann since this is the Water Salamander, and Water is the right element for beating Faimon Volcano.    But Lapis is supposed to be able to solo it.   I assume it’s the runes I put on her.    Saturday is free rune removal day so I will have to fix runes on Saturday.   In the meantime, it’s level up monsters to reset Lapis at 6* level.

I believe I did mention Veromos, right ?   This creature requires a long list of beasts to be acquired for the fusion process to make him.   I have some of the summoning fragments for the Dark Yeti, and most of them for the Water Grim Reaper required.    The Fire Imp should be easy to get, he doesn’t worry me.   And tomorrow, the Hall of Wind opens and hopefully provides a secret dungeon that will allow me to get the Wind Inferno creature required.

All of that is only 2 of the 4 creatures required.    Veromos is going to take a very long time.

The Summoner’s XP Grind


The grind has begun.    After first grinding up a few low level beasts, I finally had enough to five star Lapis and I did so.

Added four 4*’s and it was done.

Now it’s time to level up Lapis, my other 5* creatures, and food for the 6*-ing in the future for her.

For a while I ran them through the Telain Forest area, but after some improvements and getting Lapis up to 15, I found I was able to progress all the way to the Tamor Desert for maximum levelling.

The recommendation is to make Lapis powerful enough to be able to solo the first area of the Faimon Volcano.   Then you use her to level up other monsters.    And so I’m progressing in that direction.   The team I am using is :

  • Whichever existing 5 star has the least XP.    Should be able to get them all (3) from 31 to 35 soon.
  • Lapis.
  • 2* or 3* food monster.   X2.

The Hall of Water opens up on Wednesday – at Midnight – which hopefully allows me to finish up with the awakening of Elucia.    And then it’s just grind for XP and the Lapis achievement.

Awakenings For Summoners


Awakened Lapis

Today in Summoner’s War, I managed to get my last Magic essence and awakened Lapis (The Water Magic Knight).    She is still four *, and I need to have four 4* level 1’s in order to move her up to 5*.    After a few other “evolutions”, which is what this process is called, I now have two of the needed 4 four *’s.   I also have 2 three * that need to be evolved, so what I really need is level 1 three * creatures.   I have some two * creatures ready to level up, but that’s waiting for the Magic essences to finish.

The evolutions are kind of a funny thing.   I find that I need a four * creature.   Okay.    This means I need a three * creature at maximum level first.    But you may or may not have any actual three * creatures to use, so you can instead get a two * creature and evolve it.    If you are missing two *, you can use a one *.

You can fill the five slots with monsters. The first four are required with the four * to evolve the creature.

So the process of getting a four * creature involves some combination of :

  • 4 three * creatures being brought up to four, requiring levelling them up to max level, and using a total of 16 three * creatures.
  • 16 three * creatures noted above, acquired by using 48 two * creatures.
  • 48 two * creatures, acquired by using 96 one * creatures.

Grindy, yes it is, but that’s often a feature and not a bug, as long as it’s fun.    And it’s fun right now.

Next target is Eleucia, the Water Fairy.    I need Water essences for her awakening – I used most of the ones I had for Lapis.   I am able to gather magic essences any time I want – that dungeon is open seven days a week.    The other dungeons are on some kind of rotating schedule I have not been interested in memorizing yet.   Light is Sunday, and Dark is Monday.    Maybe Water will be tomorrow.

I was also able to awaken Teon (Light Garuda, a healing bird) and get all 3 of my five * monsters up to level 30.   Maximum level for a five * is 35, so plenty of XP to go for them all.   Once I get Eleucia awakened, I might try to figure out what an angelmon is for; I’m told to Awaken it (it’s much less expensive than other creatures) and feed it to another monster for 150% XP award.

Summoner’s War



A while back I saw a local billboard for a game “Summoner’s War”.   This told me the game has to be profitable, insanely so, meaning their players are going to get hit up for a lot of money.   I declined to install it.

The Billboard. It looked like this at least.

But then TTR tells me to install it to earn several thousand gems.   All I had to do was “Clear the Faimon”.    I didn’t really know what that meant, but never mind, this is what you do nowadays.   So I loaded up the game and started messing with it.

This is what Idle Heroes was obviously based on, and while they made a good game, this one seems to make a lot more sense.   You are a summoner, and you dig up various creatures to fight on your behalf.   Standard stuff, so far.

Then there are the star ratings.    Each monster has a star rating to assist you in determining how powerful it is.    Got a one star monster you like ?   You can upgrade it to two stars, after doing some farming.    Each monster has a “natural” star rating, and the higher its natural rating, the better.   This means your 4 star hellhound (2 star natural) is not equal to your 4 star Anubis.

A typical 1 star creature.

It gets more complicated though.   Each monster is part of a – family ?    Your Hellhound comes in Water, Fire, Air, Light, and Dark varieties.    Each will have different abilities.   And the Summoner’s War community has opinions about all of these, which ones you should get, which to get rid of, and which are syngergistic with other ones.

Each monster has a level, of course.   Then there’s the “Awakening” – you guessed it, to make your monster more powerful – along with “Runes”, which are pretty much equivalent to gear for your monster.    Once your monster gets Awakened, it also gets a name, instead of “Wind Pixie” you call it “Shannon”.

Eventually, I cleared the “Faimon”,  (I thought) by clearing the easy mode of a scenario area called Faimon Volcano.    I still haven’t gotten my reward – and the ad is not available to me anymore – so maybe I need to clear the Medium or Hard mode.   But I’ve also switched to this game because it’s fun, highly grindy, terribly complicated, and yet ridiculously easy as well.

The scenario map

So.   Where am I in game ?   I have acquired a raft of awakened monsters, which are the more important ones.     Kaimann, Shannon, Bernard – the better ones – plus Tigresse, Lamor, and Cahule.   I want to awaken Lapis, Khmun, Eleucia, Namib and Teon.   Based on advice from other players, I am trying to get my Lapis to be Awakened and five starred (and my first monster that I awaken, too.   The others are achievement awards and rare random drops).    I have 3 five stars, 4 four stars, and a gaggle of lower starred monsters.

Lapis. Everyone’s favorite farmer.

Lapis is a free monster – everyone who plays gets one – and is four starred and considered super useful, especially for the newbies.   As I’ve tried to understand the game I’ve realized the truth of this.    But she requires a lot of materials to Awaken, so I’m grinding away to move her up.

I also need runes, which makes sense as they are “equipment”, and would like to move more useful monsters up to 5 stars and max level.    I can clear the 3rd level of the various dungeons – there are 10, I believe – and want to consistently and easily clear the 4th next.

Some of my newbie, low level runes. These are my best though.

I also need a monster called Veromos, which requires a long procedure to acquire – by fusion.   I have the first monster I need (Water Bearman) and am looking out for the next creatures to appear.   So far, this is a lot of fun to play.

Now you may be wondering how much I’ve spent.   Nothing.   I know better nowadays about spending money in today’s games.   Anything I buy seems to want me to spend $30 (!) and I can’t get excited about 5 summonings with a 1-5% chance to get “a good monster” for that kind of price.   Thankfully, the premium currency can also be acquired “free” in limited quantities so if you’re patient enough you can buy some stuff.    I suppose we’ll see.   It’s also possible I haven’t found anything worth buying because I’m not fully understanding the game yet.


How to Acquire Mobile Games, 2018 edition



In the world of Mobile Gaming, I’ve struggled for quite awhile to find new games.

In theory, the “App Store” should offer a good way to identify games you would like and hook you up.   In reality, the app store is full of a million derivatives of the same idea, with lots of stuff paid for placement, and I only found crap games.

So then you try to find websites, magazines, or other methods of using the web to find out about games.    The days when that worked well seem to be over; all the crap is what gets written about, and I can’t find any blog/magazine that covers this idea well.

So of all the things, it seems the best games are advertised…… in other games.

I enjoyed Adventure Capitalist immensely, and picked up a similar game for mobile called Tap to Riches.    It’s a free game, with all kinds of purchase opportunities, and everything is insanely overpriced so I don’t buy anything.   But I let the game grind on, as I get closer and closer to 10 X 42nd power dollars that allow me to unlock the third and final world.

And there are ads.    The ads have a couple of purposes in the game (and in other mobile games) :

  1. Give you game items (profit doublers or just straight up money).
  2. Give you “Gems/Gold/Whatever” premium currency for your game if you perform XYZ action with the new game.

So I might find an ad in Tap to Riches, asking me to install Mega Tower.   That gets me 100 gems.    Or I might need to install Super Mega Tower and get to level 100.   That might get me 1000 gems.   You get the idea.

And all games now are Freemium games, where it’s free to start, and they look for ways to get you to part with your hard earned money.

So the best way to find out about a new game is to run through the ads in your current game.   This is how I found out about my current project, Summoner’s War.

Marvel Heroes – Shut Down !


Wow, what a shame.    I still enjoyed the game to some degree.   When I last tried playing, it would cause sudden and unexpected overheating on my PC.   I diagnosed and fixed the problem (Power supply, of course), then never logged back in again.

I did pretty much achieve everything I always wanted with the game anyway.   I beat the cosmic trial a bunch of times.    I played the content so much I could recite it from memory probably.    (Don’t worry, I won’t try.)

Most annoyingly, I did not get a chance to play in the sunset hours of the game.    All those eternity splinters left unspent….