Why did I get bugs in my game ? There’s at least three possibilities.

  1. I have a mod active, and the mod is interfering wrongly with the game.
  2. I started the game in 3.49 and updated recently to 3.59; sometimes updates break games in process.
  3. There is some confluence of events creating a bug the devs should fix.

What exactly was the bug ? Well, I researched the Caliphate, and activated it. Their flag was black, so I’m immediately thinking something is wrong. When I try to bring Egypt into the Caliphate federation, Egypt becomes the United Arab League; this is unresearched, but still, then the Caliphate joins the United Arab League, instead of the opposite. When I try to bring Turkey into it, they become Turkestan even though this has not been researched. After Algeria did it too I decided to throw in the towel.

It’s all very funny. I have heard of the concept (via Dwarf Fortress) of “You enjoy and learn by losing the game.” I never thought I’d be faced with a version of that and find myself in agreement.

So – Game #4. Still going to do the same setup, will remove the mod though. Cheat mod is not really necessary to my goal which is to win by any means necessary; I just want to KNOW HOW to win. And my distillation of that is getting easier.

Cinematic has a hate modifier of .05X Hate Points. This means that the hate floor is 1000 MC used. Use all the MC you think you need, you will never be seen as a threat by the aliens. So, instead, it permits you to find the path to victory via the other game systems.

I have the exact script available (previous post) of how to win as the Resistance, and it basically means going through various research points until you have the game winning tech. Don’t do it early – only research the last one when you’re ready. And that is the part I’ve never managed, is getting to the point where “I’m ready”.

I have received the hint from a helpful person that I should build two dreadnoughts and a colony ship, and launch them from Earth to the Kuiper Belt. With the right tech, they will move fast. This is necessary because it’s possible the aliens won’t let you expand, even in Cinematic, to Jupiter’s satellites. That was my experience, maybe it’s wrong, but you can only go on what you know.

I am very likely to be able to get all the resources I need from four places. The Moon, just to start and bootstrap, Mars, Mercury, and Ceres. So I’ll try to get every location on those bodies and go from there; if that doesn’t work I could at least try and hit Jupiter’s moons which are resource rich; Io in particular seems interesting, insanely large deposits of rare metals. I have never previously paid attention to either these, Saturn’s satellites, or anything in the Kuiper belt.

Time to start over again. Come here, Europe.