I finally managed to start burning cash in 2031.

For a long time the game has just given me too much Influence, Money, and a good amount of ops. But that’s because I’m building out my space presence, and had a ton of MC getting converted to money. Now, I find myself in the unexpected place of negative cash flow.

Now that I own both Ceres and Mars, and have unlocked Tier 2 Defense Arrays, I built them at all my mines across Mars and Ceres. It adds up quick; a tier 1 core is 1 MC, but a tier 2 is 3. Upgrading your mining complexes also costs 1 extra. Not to mention adding the hab facilities adds a lot more money cost, and suddenly I go to negative 23 cashflow.

My criminal councilor Kevin Mitnick took control of two mafia-type organizations, and I tweaked several nations to have positive funding instead of zero, and I’m still stuck with this cashflow. Presumably the thing to do is continue building out MC and playing with funding, but that just supports my current setup. I’m not 100% sure what to do next – maybe expand out to Jupiter and put a station in a Lagrange orbit, to move me closer to the Kuiper Belt and closer to reaching the Wormhole.

On the other hand – am I ever going to burn through forty two thousand dollars ? I’m not sure but I don’t want to find out that yes, I will.

On the research front, I have detained a councilor and started on the Hydra Interrogation, and Great Nations are being researched. I am taking over to support a potential Caliphate, Southeast Asian confederation of some kind, and a greater China. My empire stretches from Europe to Singapore with the Servants in control only of India, and Iran.

Iran is my potential target. Currently researching the +3 Crackdown tech and waiting for an opportunity where Defend Interests isn’t active.

Time passes. Fall of 2031 I manage to Coup Iran, and start Vietnam merging with its neighbors. By Jan 2032 my money loss is down to 9.5 per day, while my free Mission Control is up to 25. I kick off Mission to Jupiter.

By August 2032, Mission to Jupiter is completed and I immediately build a station in a Lagrange point around Jupiter. But something unexpected happens – the aliens immediately send a ship to the station and destroy it. Confounded Internet ! You told me the aliens would not attack until they were at 5 pips (I have 3!).

Seeking out help from the internet, it seems the typical way to reach the Kuiper Belt is from Earth with ships with a very fast drive. I just have to keep traveling the tech tree until I find one.

Until I hit a game breaking bug – presumably from the Mod.

I researched the Caliphate, and next thing I know, the Unifications are producing results that are not possible. Time to play again, without mods.