It is now June 23 2032. I am concerned about an alien invasion, as told by many other players, but I see no signs of this happening. Otherwise, the Earth is in a pretty stable place.

Europe and Asia is mine.

The Resistance controls Russia – China – India – European Union. Also a few other less useful places. I am in the process of creating The Vietnamese Federation (Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos) which will tick down my control point usage. I plan to have Russia conquer Armenia, the same as they conquered Georgia and Azerbaijan.

But the game is very stable. All my countries are in great shape and ticking upward, providing important Boost, Mission Control, and Research. I think all the blockers are out of the way (capturing and killing aliens etc) and it’s a matter of research and building a navy.

I plan to wait on building a better navy until tech advances. I have finally researched Battlecruisers so I’m sort of ready, but I’ve got myself in a pickle with the alien hate. It ticked down to 3 pips, and went back to 4 after I took Cambodia and Laos from the Servants. So it’s time to leave the Earth alone and wait for this to go down.

Annoying. Why does this not update more frequently ? Answer: It updates when you scan alien councilors, or when they scan you.

By October 2032 it goes down to 3 pips. I decide to keep researching down the “Purple” tech path. I also begin the Mission to Jupiter research.

By year end 2033, it hasn’t gone down much. I’m getting frustrated and I start googling, and I find some interesting info.

Alien hate is effected first of all by Mission Control usage, which establishes a floor for alien hate. Normally it’s zero, but the more MC you use the higher it goes. The aliens hate you when the hate level reaches 50. Each month the alien hate will go down by 1.

There is only a token floor when playing in Cinematic difficulty – .05 times the MC used. The floor for my current 76 MC used thus becomes 3.8 ! Nothing to worry about. The remainder of the points appear to be from opposing the Servants. I think this is getting tweaked as the developers go along. Assassinations probably increase hate, but others dispute that. Clearing Alien Growth also increases hate. I am seeing takeovers of Servant countries generating hate quite clearly, by either Purge mission, or by military conquest. Even better, each time it happens it’s against a country they have abandoned !

The Servants seem to follow a specific strategy – take over a country; tweak some settings; then abandon it. Rinse and repeat until many countries are nominally Servant. This might be an interesting thing to try in my super-easy playthroughs, but it would sure make turn-by-turn operations annoying as the nations “come back” automatically to my faction.

In July 2034 I finally achieve it – the Final Battle tech is unlocked. So are all the darned Independence movements – I slipped up and the Servants managed to control one Global tech, and they picked it. In addition, the hate meter gets back to 2 pips, so I am likely correct with my analysis above.

After building out some of my Tier 2 buildings I am realizing a big part of the game is understanding all of the power, maintenance, and mining numbers. There is for sure a point at which building a mine, will just cost you instead of bringing your numbers up, so it’s time to research on that.