Strange game. I am letting it run but I’m bored and annoyed – that’s a great way to get people to want to play your game. But I let several years run and researched every “Purple” item, December 2036 comes and I believe I’m being told the win conditions now. After researching “The Final Battle”, all five pips on the Alien hate meter light up suddenly – they were previously at two – meaning I am now at total war.

No aliens on Earth yet – so far, so good.

Destroy a lot of the enemy ships in the solar system – Not achieved yet. Obviously, I went way too light on military when I had the low alien hate. It would have been smarter to defend Mars better, especially with ships, and take out more aliens when possible.

Also, I need to get a councilor to the Kuiper belt, give him this org (Janus Section), and run a mission.

So – what have I learned now about winning the game ? First, research all “The Purple Ones” to unlock the win. Winning is dependent upon moving a councilor to the Kuiper Belt, equipped with an Org received after the final battle tech is researched. Keep the aliens off of Earth, and blow up most of their ships before the final battle.

One problem – I can’t quite tell where I’m supposed to go, in the Kuiper belt. Is this because I’m only on “Mission to Saturn” ? Maybe. The other obvious thing is, don’t research “The Final Battle” until you

I let the simulation run. The three ships I have orbiting my free Earth-bound space station are able to wreck the alien fleets that come after them; otherwise, the aliens get free reign to destroy my many asteroid-based mining complexes.

By August 2037 most of my asteroid bases are destroyed, I finish Mission to Saturn and start Mission to the Outer Planets – which apparently contains the Kuiper belt. Estimated completion July 2039.

The only problem is by October 2037 it is clear I’m finally defeated in space; two of my ships are destroyed and the third is damaged, with all of my asteroid bases destroyed, and I’m left with two lunar mining colonies. So I have to trust that I have the win and gaming methodology figured out.

So ends my first documented Terra Invicta playthrough. Next one will include thorough documentation of the “Purple Research” and other win steps.