I have always gotten a kick out of the achievements system in Steam. It’s fun to unlock them and it’s fun to have more than your friends. It’s also fun to highlight the ones you treasure the most.

So I’ve set up my profile to show most of these things –

The first block is the choosable achievement showcase where I put all the ones that I like, for whatever reason. The Rarest achievements is auto generated.

As you can see, I have a number of achievements that are tied to the defunct game Marvel Heroes Omega. There’s a couple reasons why they’re so rare. The biggest one, is probably that these were added at a late date in the game’s life, so anybody achieving these would have had to run the game closer to its end of life for them to update.

And for some time, I’ve been trying to figure out ways to push these achievements off the list. That’s the main reason the Civilization 5 achievements are on there – I deliberately set out to get them. It’s never going to happen, because I’m not that good at most games to get .6% or less achievements. I have two that are .2% and the rest are mostly .4%, with the last one showing being .6%.

There’s a third party tool called the Steam Achievement Manager which will manipulate achievements, but this doesn’t work with Marvel Heroes. Apparently server-run games like an MMO report back to Steam what the achievements are and thus can’t be manipulated. Whereas a single player game will let you unlock achievements and it gets reported to Steam somehow.

No can do.

At least the tool helped me figure out something. There’s a horrible game named Gettysburg, Armored Warfare – supposedly a re-imagining of Civil War battles with armored soldiers and tanks. Kind of a Warhammer type thing. The reason it’s achievements are so rare is because you must play an online game to get them to fire, and nobody is going to go online with you and play this one.

So that’s why I can’t get these achievements.

Reports from the community are that even deleting games from your library does not affect your Steam Achievements, so I can’t just delete the game and rarest would reset.

Neither am I the only one to try and figure out this question. I get a kick out of how the people who responded to this don’t see the point (largely).

So my rarest achievements are sort of fun. I have a whole bunch that nobody can ever get at this point, and they’re very unlikely to change since I don’t seem to earn ones that other people haven’t earned. Instead, back to trying to earn more and pass up that guy with more than me.