Currently, my Steam Playtime for Dyson Sphere Program is over 100 hours, but I have not yet completed the game. I think my current game will eventually result in a win, but in the meantime I wanted to start a playthrough and post it up.

Flying to your system

The game begins with the storyline and you flying into your starter world/system. I picked a 100% random seed which became Vega system, with infinite resources and 64 worlds. Every starter system consists of two planets and a gas giant (or variant gas giant). Isn’t it amazing how good the graphics are ?

First Planet. First steps. What to do now ?

The game consists of researching and acquiring resources, as well as setting up production lines to make resources. The first few recipes are shown, this is all I know how to make at start.

There’s only one early lesson I need to apply here : Save the wood and plant fibers. My first game I burned it all as fuel for the mech, then it was harder to start up making yellow cubes.

Iron and copper are nearby so I immediately grab some ore and make some iron and copper ingots. And then I start my first research :

The Tech Tree

The Tree is divided up into pure research (Technology) and upgrades for various systems. I’ll do the mecha core first since it only requires iron and copper ingots.

It’s a slightly odd window

The way you know your research is going is based on the little window. Manual research means using items from your inventory – the first number. The second is the number of items remaining to be hashed.

Now my mech can store a little more energy before being depleted.

I’m going to need coal so I zoomed out the window, theres a lot of stone nearby but the coal is a bit of a walk away. I gather a bunch to power the mech.

Stick Coal in the mech for the moment to keep it powered.

With that out of the way, the first thing I really want is logistics boxes – these store items for you. So now to technology items on the tree. The first step requires 10 magnetic coils and I have enough materials to research it, so I do. Now, Logistics is unlocked on the tech tree.

I need only some iron and copper to complete this so I gather some and Voila, I can make boxes. All I need is stone which I gather up.

I made a box

Now I can store more items. Your inventory is really limited so you need to take advantage of these boxes. And now I can clear some area for future building.

You get a variety of useful items from clearing the flora. Wood and Plants will make Organic Crystals someday. Titanium and Silicon Ore in small quantities will be useful to get started acquiring more of it. Stone is used for boxes and many other items, and Coal will make Energized Graphite, the best fuel available in the game.

Lots of queued actions. Right Click and Shift queues them.

I keep clearing while I manually build more items and wait for technology to finish, and in rapid order Smelting, and Basic Assembly, are completed. The most important next one is Electromagnetic Matrix which allows me to build blue cubes.

Need more coal.

All the gathering and making has depleted the mech’s energy, so I gather more coal. Your stored energy is in the yellow bar on the bottom of the screen; and the chamber are items that will/are being converted into energy. This is going to take a while, so I decide to build something. I place the mining machine along with a wind turbine. You need a power grid, to power all of your machines, and that starts here.

It takes a while, but taking the coal out of the mining machine and letting the mech harvest it, I eventually end up full of coal.

The Power Grid – Not Enough Power

When the mining machine is running, I don’t have enough power with the little wind turbine. I’ll need to build more of those things to get started. I leave it running and dumping coal into the storage box.

Next up is Mech Flight, which just requires coal and magnets.