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ROTP is definitely an awesome game as it approaches release – go take a look. The end goal, of course, is to conquer the galaxy, meaning every system which has a maximum of one planet in it. Each planet is simplified as well, to permit the task to be completed.

I hadn’t really thought people might be able to design a better game, with a BIGGER GOAL than that, and incorporating more detail than simplified sliders, but it appears Youthcat games – a Chinese group of designers – have managed it with the Dyson Sphere Program. The universe is empty, so we’re not talking about conquest……….. although that might come in the future of this early access game. You apparently pick a system, and set to work creating a Dyson Sphere, a set of constructions around the star to harvest absolutely all of that stellar energy.

The game immediately brings to mind Factorio. Probably Satisfactory as well, although a “3D Factorio” was not enough to convince me to try it. The visuals are all really pretty, and I’m very clearly playing a Factorio clone. Mine iron. Mine copper. Start researching – which costs things you build with Iron and Copper. Manufacture stuff in a massive factory to reach the end goal.

You are a mech (In effect – the text is more subtle), and you build and sculpt your initial planet until you can begin to move from planet to planet; and presumably from star to star. The end goal is pretty far off for me, but I’m getting the hang of it and it is incredibly polished and bug free for an Early Access steam game.

Definitely something to consider buying, and this week, it’s on sale for a mere $18. $20 full price. It’s release week, and will be on sale for 41 hours as I write this.

I’ve owned the game for about four days, and ……… there have been four micro patches in that time. The developer appears serious about being committed to the game and finishing it all up. True, these are seriously micro patches (Like one new feature and 3-4 issues dealt with) but the attention is important.

If you REALLY want to find something to complain about, I’m sure you can – the translation isn’t perfect, maybe all the phrasing makes sense in Chinese – Or the minimal documentation – but it looks like a worthy successor to Factorio which can capture hundreds of hours from you.