Idle Champions is a new idle game that came out in March 2020 on Steam.    It’s apparently been in Early Access for three years.

The main screen, with your party

Fans like me of AdVenture Capitalist can immediately relate to the game after running through a few times.    You go on an adventure, and hopefully you can complete it.    Either complete or incomplete, it should earn you Favor with a deity (Angel Investors) which boosts you a % amount for your next run through.    With this boost, it’s easier to level up your characters for the next attempt at the game.

Unlike a traditional RPG, your characters do not keep their levels from reset to reset.    So they’re the Businesses in AdVenture Capitalist.    Levels don’t mean much, and neither does money.    You earn gold to level up your characters with and pass higher and higher levels in an attempt to earn more Favor.     The more dungeon levels you pass, the more gold you earn and therefore the more Favor you earn.  Spend Favor (not too much now) to earn additional bonuses like extra damage or shorter cooldowns for your party.

The writing is kind of fun and there are scripted conversations that the characters have as you go through the adventure.   Adventures are a new and obvious feature.    Achievements, as far as I can tell, are tied exclusively to passing various adventures and progressing the campaign through to the end.

Other new features include gear.    Each champion who makes up your party has six gear slots which can hold one of four gear rarities.

Bruenor has gear of each rarity (color) plus the Shiny special

Gray, Green, Blue, and Purple gear are kept for each champion/character, with a vast gulf from one level to the next.    Your champion uses the best gear automatically.    This drops as you adventure, and can also be purchased (by buying chests) through the game store.

Your gear can also be “Shiny” like Bruenor’s green ring.   His rings increase his Rally ability by 37.5% (Gray), 131.3% (Green), 225% (Blue), and 412.5% (Purple).    Shiny increases your gear by 50% and Golden by 100%; but it sounds like it doesn’t matter until you get to Purple gear.    If you pull a duplicate item, your existing item gets a buff, so I suppose with enough duplicate Gray Rings Bruenor might end up with over 412.5%, but I wouldn’t count on it.

So the way you play the game is threefold.

  • Progress the campaign(s)
  • Unlock / Buy new champions
  • Rack up the Favor
  • Gear up your champions

The premium currency is Gems, earned as you go through the campaigns or bought.  You can buy a number of familiars with it, and familiars are unexpectedly useful.   They click for you.    You can set them to do damage, or they can press the level up button when offline to keep you charging deeper into the dungeon without you needing to personally do anything.

Idle Champions also has campaigns (Planets).    Each one has its own favor.   I have 4 or 5 unlocked but am working mostly on the “Grand Tour of the Sword Coast”.    If you recognize that reference, you probably play Dungeons & Dragons, and the game is based on the Forgotten Realms campaigns from there.    Other campaigns unlock as Events which may or may not earn you extra champions.

There are the main campaign scenarios (Waterdeep Tour) and the challenges (Lost in the Deep, etc)

The final AdVenture Capitalist reference; spend less than 1% of your favor.    The game will permit you to spend more, and it may even be a good idea in some cases, but this is a good place to start.

So far I’ve earned 6 billion favor for the first campaign and have unlocked 5 additional champions, and have a smattering of purple gear for them.    And am enjoying every minute.