Summoners war continues to be the best game I’ve never played.

Nearly all game events can be autoed – but they auto in real time.    So you hit start, let a game event finish like running a scenario level to level up your monsters, and you ignore it for a couple of minutes.

PVE milestones include beating the scenario (Done), Tower of Ascension (No Problem – you do this monthly), S rank in all the rifts (Done), and having various dungeon teams to run for runes (Done).

There is a fantastic tool for sharing your profile which has gone through several technical challenges.    It requires you to use Bluestacks, but Bluestacks has decided to stop working on my machine.   It complains that “The Engine cannot be started” and no amount of googling can help me figure out what’s wrong, nor Uninstall/reinstall, so I’ve given up.   My profile is here.   I had to do it manually and it took forever, plus it’s missing runes since manually inputting those would be insane.  It’s current as of a couple weeks ago.

One milestone I’m still working towards is 100% on arena towers.   These make a really big difference in every aspect of the game.   I have just one or two levels for the light and dark towers left to achieve.

Another milestone is the Hard version, Tower of Ascension.   I have beat it once at level 100, but beating it consistently has eluded me.    It’s too hard, like falling off a cliff hard, compared to level 99.    And the other levels take several minutes to complete, while manually doing 100 takes around 20 minutes.    I could be happy with the time if I could beat it, but it doesn’t happen.    So for the moment I’ve given up.

And another milestone is the Tartarus guild dungeon.    There are four difficulty levels, and I can beat some levels on the 3rd.  Many I can only beat on the 1st (Easy), to my chagrin.   So I keep working on my stable of creatures to see if I can get some that will make this work.

The final milestone is probably guild flags.   Mine are at level 8, and I have four of them I’m trying to get up to level 10.    Like arena towers, the flags give you a big advantage in any guild environments, like Tartarus.

I don’t really enjoy the PvP.   It’s a bit like being a puppy and getting stepped on.   I don’t grind my runes for days and days looking for an extra 2% HP, so I don’t do well.

I have somewhere around 85 six star monsters (the best quality level) and am working on a whole bunch more.   Maybe 25.   It’s quite a bit of fun in that idle manner.

The monetary policy in the game is so weird, that some of it needs another post.   My carefully considered opinion about spending real life money on the game boils down thus :

  1. None of the hyped packages are even close to worth it.   Would you spend $100 for a 5% chance at a good monster ?    And “good” monsters only help your game like 1%.   Bad idea.
  2. So the devs spend a ton of effort tricking the players into spending money on things that don’t matter, while giving them the illusion that just another $100 will unlock that last thing that you need.    It’s predatory and insane.
  3. At the same time, the devs are careful to balance the game for maximum enjoyment and they do a pretty good job, all things considered.    Strange considering #2 isn’t it ?
  4. The daily pack for $5 gives a good amount of crystals.   I don’t buy these because I’m drowning in crystals but your mileage may vary.

I’ve been at this for 2 years and it’s anyone’s guess as to how long I’ll continue to spend time being distracted by my phone while I’m sitting in front of the computer doing something else.