I continue to move forward in Summoner’s War.   There is an absolute wealth of information available in both the Summoners War Reddit, and various guides that you can easily find by googling.

After conquering the scenarios, and soloing Faimon Hell with your farmer (Lapis, the Water Magic Knight usually) next thing to do is conquer Giants Level 10.    This gets you access to the most important runes in the game, 6 star level.   After that it’s expected you’ll conquer the Dragon dungeon to level 10, and clear the Trial of Ascension on Normal mode.

I’ve managed to conquer the Dragons dungeon.    I can beat DB10 maybe 50-60% of the time and I’m working on upgrading runes to get farther.   The trial, I am less successful at.

  • Trial of Ascension has what the Reddit calls a safe team :
  • Veromos, the newbie’s best friend.   Cleanser.
  • Belladeon, Healer and Armor Breaker.
  • Mav, the Penguin Knight tank and provoker.
  • Spectra, Griffin who slows the enemy team
  • Baretta, DOT’er par excellence

This team gets me to 55 with not much thought but there are certain floors which need adjusted strategies.

  • Light Lich Boss.    When this guy pops in, substitute Colleen for Spectra.    The Lich will heal quickly and constantly defeating you; but Colleen has a heal block to prevent this.
  • Ragdoll + Drogans.   Ragdoll is the Dark Dragon Knight, Drogan is the Dark Inferno.   Part of the key is to kill the Infernos via DOT, but the safe team got wiped every time until I substituted Colleen.   I don’t really understand why.

What I need to do to progress farther is to 6 star Colleen – all the others are already level 40 and 6 star – and to find more monsters for any of the tricky floors.

These two are the main progression areas – conquer the Trial of Ascension, and 95%+ Dragons team – that I need to move forward.   But I’m stuck to some degree.

To progress the Dragons, I need to get “good” 6 star runes.    The runes in slots 2/4/6 are most important, and most rare.  Best would be if the ones I get are legendary, but to get even useful 2/4/6 slot 6 star runes is incredibly slow and grindy.   I get bored.    At least I have a pair that I want to swap out for Sigmarus (Giants Monster), that I just need to save up mana for.    So, it’s going to some degree.

The Trial…. I don’t know what to do next.   The floor I am stuck on has Julianne (the Light Vampire), and dark Martial Cats.    I have tried swapping in Colleen, and Rica, level 40 Occult Girl.    No success.    Reddit is finally failing me for good advice.

There is another avenue of the game that’s not well documented that I’m exploring – the Rifts.   But I’ll save that for another post.