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Courtesy of a free week of premium from World of Warplanes, I decided to “dive in” and try out some WWII simulation from Wargaming.

World of Warplanes

The game is pretty different.    There are a group of bases that start out as neutral, and you need to capture them by destroying buildings and defending aircraft.    I had a lot of fun strafing until the bases turned blue.

Next, you need to destroy enemy aircraft until their points are depleted.   You can ignore the bases, but the more bases that your side has under control, the more points you get for destroying enemy aircraft.   I get the sense that each side has a lot of AI players – you can recognize them by their callsigns, like “Arthur” instead of “I_****ed_Your_Mom” or something charming like that.

I do get some interest in progression in the game.   I have always like the P-38 Lightning, the ME 262, and the big bombers – Germany has a few of those.    Strangely, none of the American bombers like B-52 or B-17 are in the game; they will come “in a future update” which probably means “Ha, never, nobody plays this game”.   But I’ll try and unlock the P-38 American branch, and move on to the German planes, and see if that can satisfy my interest.

I have a lot of premium aircraft, and a very few “standard” ones.   It seems I have 5 slots available for new aircraft.

Thanks for the free week of premium Wowp; which carries over to World of Tanks, along with the gold.   I like the game, at least a little bit, but my usual problem is not finding a new game it’s finding time for the others I already play.

World of Warships

This game does not tie in with the others, still, for either gold or free XP which is very disappointing.   I have no doubloons, but almost 7m in silver, and a premium account active though.

The New Port

The port seems to be new, but the rest is as expected; a grind up from one ship to the next.   The battles are a lot of fun, even if I clearly suck at playing the game.   It’s not exactly a noob friendly kind of thing.

I bought a new destroyer (Half off!) and tried assisting by blasting away with torpedos.   I found out that my torpedos fire broadside, but thankfully I was able to sink one ship with an errant set of torpedos.

World of Tanks got a monstrously big update, so I’ll put in a separate post for that.