For the new graphical update WoT went ahead and moved to an official 1.0 release, after years of making literal millions of dollars.   But the update deserves some interesting version number so it makes sense.

The new garage, with XVM installed.

The old maps are gone, and in their place are new ones in keeping with the spirit of the old maps, but with a lot of important differences.    This is not unexpected in a game where knowing the correct spot to park is so important.

The new Mountain Pass map

My first battle here reveals no major changes; I followed the 1-2 line and tried to support the T6’s but we were wiped out pretty speedily.

New “Presets” for graphics

The screenshot above, obviously, is the High Contrast filter.   You can also select others; I had used “1940s cine” for the other screenshot.    The differences are subtle but really nice.

I have a tough enough computer to still select “Maximum” in the graphics mode, so your mileage may vary.   It still looks pretty nice on Low mode, which gave me a fantastic FPS of 240 as compared to 40 for maximum.

I am enjoying having a week of premium.   I have NO CREDITS, and so am running as many premiums as I can to stack them up.   Premium vehicles are only good when used with premium account, in the sense of getting a lot of credits – otherwise you are better off letting them trickle in while you do matches for other reasons.

My tank playing is rejuvenated for the moment, even as I do the usual and go after the latest mission – collect 100 tokens for some Tier 3 premium.