With Veromos fused, the newbie level excitement of Summoners War seems to be finished, but the game itself is certainly not.

Veromos Stats

I now have leveled and 6*’d Veromos, and he is level 40 the maximum level.   I have also 6*’d Belladeon, and am in the process of leveling him up to 40.   Before I need to worry about my third 6* I need 4 more 5* fodder/rainbowmons, and I have plenty of max level 4* to use – the trick is getting all the level 1 4* creatures to do so.   Baretta – the Fire Sylph, the beast of the Tower of Ascension – is in progress of being fused.    I have all four of his “ingredients”, with three to level up to 30.

Belladeon stats, in progress

I can now farm the Giants dungeon to GB7; can often – maybe 50% – win the GB8 dungeon; and have successfully cleared once the GB9 dungeon.    All the teams current runes are +10 or higher, and some of my situational monsters too.  I’m collecting my runes and biding my time with equipping them until Free Rune Removal in April.

Top of my Monster Storage page. So many 4* I can level/evolve.

I got tired of hoarding my Mystical Scrolls and I went ahead and used them all – 61.   I got a lot of 3* fodder for leveling, and a lot of creatures 3* and 4* to level up.    I did not yet get a Natural 5* though.   The creatures I have stored away for leveling up are now too numerous to mention.   I’m most interested in getting a 5* max Rina, the Water Epikion Priestess.

The main team remains the suggested Newbie team :

  • Veromos
  • Belladeon
  • Shannon
  • Bernard
  • Konamiya

Elucia is retired – can’t really find a use for her, Mikene surpasses her in every way.   Other situational monsters include

  • Mikene – Very useful for needing Water or Healing, as a natural 4*.
  • Teon – Light monsters are usually neutral fights, plus revives.
  • Khmun – My PvP leader, good offense and protection with that shield he throws
  • Lapis – Sometimes my farmer, sometimes for Water.  Much less useful with Vero around.
  • Kaimann – Rounds out my Water list for drowning Fire mons.    High defense.

Fodder process is roughly :

  • Feed 1* monsters to something 2*, evolve it.
  • Take 3 2*’s and level them up and evolve.
  • Get a group of 3 3* and max level them.
  • When enough 3* are available, create 4* level 1’s.
  • When enough 4* are available, evolve a rainbowmon to 5*

And for my many 4* creatures I only need to decide to evolve them with the 4*’s.   Most of the game now is about grinding hard, and hoping for the lightning strike of summoning a 5* creature.    I could also fuse Sigmarus, one of the Phoenix creatures, which is a grind on par with Veromos, but so far I’m resisting that.    Grind on !