It was quite a lot of grinding for the food monsters, but then it was finally done.    I was able to 5* all the monsters for the Veromos fusion.

Next step was to burn up every angelmon in my inventory.    They brought Mikene, Askia, and Argen up pretty far, but I didn’t still have any dark angelmons.    So the yeti Kumae would clearly take the longest.    On to Faimon Volcano Hard, with farmer Lapis, for experience grinding.   And eventually made all four max level 5*.

It’s finally ready.

And then, it was done.    I had my Dark Ifrit.

Veromos !

I spent some time leveling him up (along with, of course, more food monsters) until he was 25, then I tried out Giants 7 and beat it.    I put the violent runes on him which are given as a reward for fusing him.

So now, I should do several things.

  • Awakening Materials for Darion, Mikene #2, and Veromos.    Mostly high essences, naturally.
  • Run the GB7 dungeon in the hope of better runes, which I’m getting a better idea of what “good” means.    These are probably just to hold onto until April when FRR happens again.
  • Get that mana.    I have an insatiable appetite for mana stones.    Storage expansion, rune powerups, and ability to summon all those scrolls come to mind immediately.
  • Begin the fusion process for Baretta.   I bought a Martial Cat from the guild shop, and the rest of the creatures are all farmable.   He is needed for the Tower of Ascension, my possible next target.
  • Create enough food monsters for 6* Veromos.    3 5* food creatures in inventory; plus I’ll want to do Belladeon soon after him.
  • And the obvious, max level Veromos.