I now have three of four Veromos fusion monsters at 4* max.    The other one needs two levels only; and I want to 5* my mummy Namib.    But to 5* these guys, you need four 4* monsters at level 1.

Enter grinding up fodder monsters to 4*.   Boy, this is a huge pain.   I have gone from having 120 monsters summoned and ready for use, to 60 monsters and running low on food materials.    I’m even once again levelling up 1* monsters as part of the grind.

First, you level up three 1*’s.   Then, if you have the right food, take those same creatures and level them up and evolve to 3*’s.    Then, level them up to max and let these guys sit.    Time to create a new batch of thee level 1 3* monsters, feed them to one of the 3* max creatures.   You now have a 4* level 1 food monster.

Storage on the right shows a bunch of 4* level 1 monsters. The others I’m saving.

I have 13 of the 20 materials needed to get all of these creatures leveled up, but I’m a bit distracted by the event over the weekend –

Not the Magic Shop – which is a cool event too – but the Elven Ranger secret dungeon.    I can use any Elven Rangers for skillups for my Light or Fire unit.   I understand one or both of them should be good; and getting skillups for anything that doesn’t drop is a challenge at best.    So it’s a question of grinding the secret dungeon over and over – and if I’m bored, I just switch to the 4* food grind.

I also found out some interesting things about summons and powering up.   If you use a 1* to power up a monster, you get the most XP for it by powering up another 1* monster.   It also costs the least mana.    So this suggests that you never use a monster to power up anything high – probably no better than 1 level higher than the powerup, if that.   Combine this fact with the fact that 1-15 on a 1* monster takes less XP than 1-15 on a 5* monster, and you have some useful info when asking yourself what to do with all of those summons.

Speaking of lots of summons – I have that.   650 Unknown scrolls, 29 Mystical scrolls, and a few of the higher ones.   I don’t see where there is any need to open them at the moment, given that I’m pushing for Veromos, plus the fact that they have a minuscule chance of summoning something high anyway.   I’m only opening as many Unknown scrolls as I need to keep the food train on its tracks.

And after Free Rune Removal, and rejiggering all my runes – we were able to clear GB7 with a friend’s rep monster !    That’s a milestone.    This is the first dungeon which you are suggested to grind infinitely for runes to equip on your monsters.   Star ratings of 3-6 can drop beginning here.    One more thing to add to my list of “things to do in the game”.

It’s Cleared !

But first, I want to get my 5 monsters to 5*.