Summoners War decided to do a patch last night, with a few gameplay tweaks related to raids and such; and a new set of challenges related to the Veromos fusion.   Timely !

The new Challenges tab

First up was simply examining the Fusion info, which I was intimately familar with.   Next, you needed to 3* a group of monsters – one fire, one wind, one water.   Presumably the tutorial aspect here is to get players used to evolving the star stages of their monsters.

Ifrit Challenge details

The next steps are the things I’ve been working on and blogging in previous entries : Level food monsters up, awaken them, and then make one fusion monster.    Now, for those of us who have already done this, the statement is that doing ANY fusion will make all these achievements fire, so I just have to get through the first nine, and then fuse my second Mikene, and the three on the far right will auto complete.    How lucky for me – that I got all the stuff for Mikene and am ready to fuse her !

Between the Fire dungeon and Magic dungeon today, I got all but 5 of the needed high essences for awakening……. but I also got a nice surprise.   The reward for fusing the Vampire is 10 High Magic essences !    So once I fire that achievement I will have enough for both Mikene and the Succubus.

So now it’s back to the evolution grind, with a bit of a twist – making sure to get these new achievements to go off.