I have made the maximum village level in Summoner’s war :

The sad thing is, no more free energy every level up

I now have to acquire “mentees” at some point.   I have 24 hours where my mentors still show on my page, then I think I can add them.    After I have Veromos as a rep monster, I think I’m valuable to people.   I need to seek out more standard friends with him as rep too.

My main gameplay for “All Attribute Weekend” is getting high essences.  Clearly, it’s very hard to acquire them in any quantity for high level awakenings.   It would help if I was running higher dungeon levels, but I’m doing a lot of 4’s so that my non-maxed monsters can grind the XP.

Running almost nothing but dungeons, I have managed all the high level essences for Water, but still short on Fire and Wind.   And this is before trying to get any Magic essences – since Magic is every day, and other than this weekend, the elemental dungeons are time gated.

Planning on a 100/100/Infinite cap for each essence

Amusingly, I have acquired all the monsters needed to fuse a second Mikene (Water Undine) – obviously, getting the secret dungeons is the easier thing to do, versus acquiring essences.    I want to keep the second one, if I can get it created, and I may want a third someday for additional fusions.

I have finally jettisoned all but 5 or so of 1* monsters and my storage is full of 2* on up.   I am ready for some grinding up of food monsters.