Hah.   I thought this was going to take awhile.

The gang’s all here

But after I popped a 2x XP item for 100 crystals the XP got flowing really quick.   I ignored all the secret dungeons and other game items, and brought each food monster up to 4* pretty quickly.     Then, I fused each one for the intermediate set of monsters shown above.

And there it is !

Now in possession of each beast required for the Veromos fusion.   All I need to do is

  1. Get them to 5*
  2. Max level them (35)
  3. Awaken each one (They need high essences)

I am going to try a little something different now, for the evolution grind needed to create higher * creatures.   I’m going to buy as many 2* as I can from the Magic Shop.    These are 1/2 the cost of the normal creatures, about 12k, and just as good when it comes to empty filling of XP and levels with Farmer Lapis.   And the 1 * creatures can just be food for 2* monsters.

That’s a lot of 1* creatures to level up.

Part of this is skipping the 1* leveling, even though it’s kind of fun.    Might as well be faster.   Part of the reason is the number of scrolls I’m accumulating.    Mana crystals don’t bother me, but I am amassing a metric ton of scrolls –

Plus 6 wind/fire/water scrolls.

With all these scrolls I should probably just destroy all the 1* creatures by feeding them to something else.

I also realized something about the arena battles.    What I’ve been doing is “farming losses”, by constantly attacking a guy just for the point of killing my rating, so it goes down past 1000.    Then, I would refresh and look for someone with an intentionally useless defense (Like a 1* level 1) and take them out.

Battles fought, aka the “revenge” tab

Why I haven’t been taking advantage of the revenge button, I don’t know.   I’m a little slow.   But if you do it right –

  1. I beat the other guy.
  2. He immediately beats me.
  3. I then beat him.
  4. He beats me back

And you are farming lots of glory shop points while keeping your rating roughly the same.   No more wasting wings on intentional losses.    And those glory points are really helpful in getting your energy to regenerate faster, and increase the cap for your energy.