Late Monday night I got the final monster for the Veromos fusion.

Wind Minotauros !

And since then, I’ve spent time in the grind.   I have a whole gaggle of beasts at maximum level, so I’ve been evolving each of them.   I am also moving forward each monster needed for the “mini fusions” – there are three creatures you have to create, which are the actual ones used in the Veromos fusion, with the others I’ve collected being the ones needed for THEIR fusions.

Vampire, Succubus, and Undine are the intermediate steps.

I should soon have the last of the twelve at 4* evolution, and then it’s a simpler matter of acquiring their XP.    After that, I need to make the three plus the Dark Yeti a max 5* and I’ll be in the clear.

This is going to take awhile.    In the meantime I’m trying to collect the odd useful rune with an eye towards reworking my team on Free Rune Removal day, expanding my storage, and tucking away various monsters received from scrolls.    I got another Wind Frankenstein (heh), and I got a Wind Harg – might be useful.   I definitely am looking for more wind creatures.