Having sucked HarbingerZero into Summoner’s War, I expect the rest of you lot, you know who you are, to also give the game a try.   I’m just kidding, but you might like this craziness – for real.

Same for you all from the land of Ingress.   I recently annoyed an ENL player who thinks he owns the entire downtown of Ventura.   But in all honesty I’m not putting in much time to the game any longer.    I’m in a spoiler mode only for Downtown Burbank, keeping the ENL from just having their way with the place.    All kinds of travelers come through and clear the place out too (Thank you all !), but I really would rather do Summoners’ War and work towards the big prizes.

I managed to clear the Chiruka Remains on Hard mode, shortly after Normal mode, and I seem to have unlocked two additional game modes.

The Dimensional Rift, and the World Boss.

The Dimensional Rift claims to give out a ton of additional experience in exchange for a bunch of energy (20 or 30 to enter).    The one time I tried it I played in the Ferun Castle and so took my toughest monsters – who were max level – and was unimpressed with the XP.    The Garen Forest should be a lot easier – let’s try it.

Is it worth it ?

4 energy gets me 3,900 XP across three monsters (Faimon Volcano farmed by Lapis).   20 energy nets me 22,500 XP across five monsters.    It’s pretty close, actually, as for energy spent to XP earned.   The advantage is probably time spent, since the battle was a lot shorter.

The World Boss I have not yet been able to try.   You need a minimum of 10 “Powerful” monsters.    This means something like monsters at level 30 or higher.    When I’ve tried it I only have 7 available, since I’m currently in a grinding creatures up phase.    The rewards should be pretty good for it – various summoning scrolls and pieces and the like –  but only if you can get decent “grades” for the fights.   I expect I’ll get an “F” for my fights and thus get minimal rewards, so I’m in no hurry.

Not ready for this one, yet.

Other than that, Summoner’s War is very good at mixing up the gameplay for you in an attempt to keep it fun.   This weekend there was a secret dungeon to get a natural 3* unusual creature (Wind Frankenstein), and the Valentine event continues to give either energy as a reward, move you closer or get you a Devilmon (I got mine), and perhaps even get you a scroll (I got a Water Summoning scroll).

Still hitting the Chiruka remains, hopefully I’ll get my Minotauros soon.