I have alluded a little bit to the various resources I’ve found to understand – and enhance the experience of – the game Summoners War.   I should post these.

First off, the fantastic Step By Step guide is probably the best resource.   I didn’t follow it from the beginning so I’m a bit off on it, but I’m roughly on Chapter 8.   They walk you through EVERYTHING about the game and if you follow this closely, you’ll be doing well.   Much better than I did, when I 5 starred a lousy monster (Kaimann) solely because I got it when awakened.

Second is the Summoners War Reddit, which includes a “Super Sticky” with lots of useful and confusing information, and a Daily Advice Thread where people will answer your questions.   Nooby questions get a good reception.   Spammy people and stupid questions get downvotes and ignored.

Once you realize that you need to fuse Veromos, the Guide to Fusing Veromos is an obviously useful thing to have.   This guy goes into great detail about the process and intermediary steps; your Step By Step also has a few notes about it.

Happy Valentines Day to all !