Recapping my progress on Summoner’s War.

  • Two monsters left to acquire for Veromos fusion.   Some of them I have are awakened, and some are being levelled up.    The final two have to be farmed from high level scenarios, not secret dungeons.
  • Two to go. C’mon and drop Living Armor.

  • Five 5* Max Level monsters – Added Khmun to this list.   Two 5* working up (Shannon, Konamiya), and two max level 4* monsters needing to be evolved (Bernard, and the Wind Mummy).
  • Giant’s Keep level 5 (GB5), along with all elemental dungeons, are farmable.   Need to improve my GB5 success rate to more like 100% by selecting the recommended monsters, noted above.
  • With friend monsters help, I’ve cleared all the Normal scenarios, including Chiruka.   Hard mode is cleared to Aiden Forest.

Having finished with the secret dungeons for awhile, my friends list is much more stable.   I had been deleting 5 people a day – the game only lets you delete that many – based on whoever logged in the least, or provided the least help.  Then I would add the various people who pop secret dungeons.   I’m trying to pay them back by entering every secret dungeon that they open for me.    Every person who enters one will give the “popper” one piece for that monster.

Fire Vagabond, anyone ?

And instead, now *I* am farming the essences from the elemental dungeons.   This means that I might open up a secret dungeon – it’s a rare drop from the “Hall of XYZ”.

It took a long time to get the High Essences needed for Khmun – 7 magic, and 12 fire.    My current thought is to get my inventory for these things up to 100 each and then start fusing them to something higher; we’ll see how that plays out.    I know if I fuse them when I have less I’m going to regret it; it’s not a simple thing to acquire exactly the quantity and level of essences that you need.

I managed to open up an Imp dungeon; nobody entered it 😦 .

Khmun, the Fire Anubis