The race for secret dungeon monsters seems to be over.    I’ve acquired the water and air creatures that I needed – at least, the ones that come from the dungeons.

Four left to go. I could even make Mikene.

It turns out that channel 1050, filled with spammers and rude people, is also a good place to get secret dungeons.    After hanging out in there I know where to go once I start creating these things again.    You see, I have no idea how many essences I’m holding – but I’ll need a lot to awaken all these monsters.   And secret dungeons pop up when you are trying to get essences.   One thing at time though.   After I acquire the last monsters I’ll be more interested in the essences and levelling these mons up.

I need a Dark dungeon day; the Faimon Volcano, which is just a matter of repetition; and I need to progress the game far enough that I can conquer the Chiruka Remains, and hopefully farm it.    I’m close to resetting Shannon as a 5* creature, and Khmun is level 24.

Those runes need improvement to be a solo farmer…

So it’s back to the Faimon Volcano and grinding out the matches.