In the world of Mobile Gaming, I’ve struggled for quite awhile to find new games.

In theory, the “App Store” should offer a good way to identify games you would like and hook you up.   In reality, the app store is full of a million derivatives of the same idea, with lots of stuff paid for placement, and I only found crap games.

So then you try to find websites, magazines, or other methods of using the web to find out about games.    The days when that worked well seem to be over; all the crap is what gets written about, and I can’t find any blog/magazine that covers this idea well.

So of all the things, it seems the best games are advertised…… in other games.

I enjoyed Adventure Capitalist immensely, and picked up a similar game for mobile called Tap to Riches.    It’s a free game, with all kinds of purchase opportunities, and everything is insanely overpriced so I don’t buy anything.   But I let the game grind on, as I get closer and closer to 10 X 42nd power dollars that allow me to unlock the third and final world.

And there are ads.    The ads have a couple of purposes in the game (and in other mobile games) :

  1. Give you game items (profit doublers or just straight up money).
  2. Give you “Gems/Gold/Whatever” premium currency for your game if you perform XYZ action with the new game.

So I might find an ad in Tap to Riches, asking me to install Mega Tower.   That gets me 100 gems.    Or I might need to install Super Mega Tower and get to level 100.   That might get me 1000 gems.   You get the idea.

And all games now are Freemium games, where it’s free to start, and they look for ways to get you to part with your hard earned money.

So the best way to find out about a new game is to run through the ads in your current game.   This is how I found out about my current project, Summoner’s War.