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On a personal level, I’m glad 2017 is over.   2018 is looking good.   But we’re here for gaming, aren’t we ?


Retirement is going well.    Some ways yes, some ways no.    Things that have changed :

  • I am not driving to random places to get that key portal.
  • I do not have to hack every day.
  • Not charging portals on a constant and mentally ill basis.
  • I have viewed the Intel map maybe 6 times in the past two months.   Not daily.

Things that aren’t going so well :

  • War for Downtown Burbank.   Supposedly I was going to quit this.
  • Wandering an unfamiliar area and Ingressing.    This really is so much fun, despite the time required.
  • Niantic did some kind of “audit” on my Operation Portal Recon contributions.   I am now rated poor; I have to do reviews in the hope of climbing out of poor rating, and none of my reviews count towards the badge because I’m poor.   This means I’m pretty much done with OPR.    I might work for free, but not for no rewards whatsoever.   I’m also irritated in that I spent a ton of time on it and I’m rated “Poor”.   Well get bent then !.

Ingress 2.0 has been announced with a 2018 go live date.    Given 1) The state of the software industry in general, and 2) Niantic’s history as a company, and 3) Harry Potter AR game announced previously,  I expect perhaps December 2018 and no sooner.    Harry Potter will probably happen sometime in 2018 but I don’t feel like guessing that one.

Idle Heroes

This is really a fun little diversion.   So fun, I have opened up 3 servers for play.   That takes all the time I can throw at it, so I’m pretty done looking for phone games.

On server #1, I am about to finish the Nightmare mode of the campaign.   Campaigns have four modes – normal, nightmare, hell, and death.   Sounds like Doom 1.    My team is strong and deadly, but I am level – locked.

They have a strange levelling mechanic in the game for no good reason I can see.   All it does is lock you out of some activities until you have spent a certain amount of time in the game.   You can’t even spend your way past it.  Pretty annoying.   I will hit level 125 today, after which I’ll move on to hell mode.   Until I hit (in a couple of stages) the level limit there.

I have lots of good heroes and am only really waiting until “fodder” heroes pop up.   You have to sacrifice heroes in order to move up from one level to another.

Server #2 sports the recent addition of an unqualified god-tier hero (Barea) who has helped me progress through the campaign at a lightning pace…… until hitting the level cap.

World of Tanks

The 2010 game you still can play today, I have jumped back into World of Tanks.   I am now in a semi-serious guild with a bunch of guys who do battles together daily.   The stronghold play is a way to earn some kind of power points towards your clan structures.   I really don’t pay any attention to it, but I do get a clan logo on my tank and people to ask questions to so that works well.

The 50 battle challenge continues in full swing.   I want to have 50 battles in every vehicle that I own, or I’ll sell it.   I am approaching the point where I can see the end of “the list” – except it doesn’t include any of the tanks I have not yet driven.

So far I’ve only sold two – something Japanese and the Russian A-20 which I had rebought for some stupid reason, and hated all over again.   But I have an insanely big account – 190 tanks owned, with 15 vacant slots.   Not much reason to sell tanks unless I really hate them, and I’m a generally forgiving kind of guy.

Looking forward to accumulating credits again for another big sale.   I blew 10 million credits on equipment and tanks with the last sale, and have very few unlocked tanks which I have not purchased.    If I can hold onto a bunch of credits again I may actually start playing the Tier 9’s and unlock some additional tier 10’s.    All my free XP is being saved so that I never have to redrive the VK4502B despite its major upgrade – I hate that tank.   But I need just shy of 200k free XP to purchase the Tier 10 PZ VII; 80k is sitting in my account.

Happy new year !