After perusing Reddit, and finding bits and pieces of good info, I finally tried different Google searches and came up with a good list of “ratings” for the heroes in Idle Heroes.

According to this listing, I own two God Tier heroes.   Rosa, a Forest Faction support unit, is the best up until 10*.   Queen, mentioned previously, is a God Tier for  10*.    So if I manage to get another Rosa, and upgrade him to 6*, he’s a great addition to the team.   Queen is best held onto and upgraded constantly until 10*.

The rest of my team is mediocre.   Never mind their star levels – they just aren’t moving forward on the campaign, etc.   To get God Tier heroes, the advice is to do the events.  Okay, except the only problem is just how hard the events are to complete.   Current event – supposedly a “good one” – requires an insane amount of materials to complete.    For example, the Miracle event requires 16 5 * heroes.   Three from the easy factions, and two light and dark each.   This means some combination of :

  • Enough shards for 16 heroes
  • 1600 Heroic Scrolls (Assuming 1% / scroll)
  • 32000 Basic scrolls (At .05% /scroll)
  • 54 Prophet Orbs (Assume 15 shards/ orb)
  • 32000 Hearts (Assuming .5% / 10 hearts, no idea what the correct figure is)

My two 5 star hero shards and 10 heroic scrolls and 4 prophet orbs and 100 hearts are not going to get me anywhere.

Plus :

  • 600 chips (or 480 with VIP3).   I have 82.
  • A lot of Tavern quests (Maybe 500 ? ).   I have 7 low, and 2 high ones.

You might think, eh, just spend money.   But it’s not that simple.   Spending hundreds of dollars will not get you more than 2 or 3 God Tier heroes.

So the only thing for me to do is let the game “Idle” for the next week, buy materials, and see what comes up for the next event.