For the past four months I’ve been playing Idle Heroes.

By itself this is not noteworthy – I am installing and deleting games constantly on the mobile.   But I like this one, and have discovered the points of argument about the game that make it more fun.

It works on the basis of Star Ratings.   Each hero’s power is based on a number of characteristics and for short is shown in a number of stars.   Some heroes can be upgraded – for example, from four to five stars.

One star.  Health, Attack, Defense – the standard stuff. Plus abilities.

To add to it, your hero has a number of levels available to upgrade too, so that it’s possible that a 5 star hero at level 1 can be beaten by enough level 50 1 star heroes.   Add gear and artifacts and the game gets interesting.

A lot of the game revolves around the end game goals, especially after you get past having enough 5 star heroes.   The maximum is 10 stars; but to get them, you have to sacrifice other high level heroes; the highest hero rating you will ever get dropped is a 5 star.

So do I use this 6 star hero to feed my hero and make a 7 star ?    That is one of the fun things about the game.

My current hero list

I have a full roster of 6 star heroes at the moment and trying to move them up.   But only the right ones – each hero is better or worse according to the community.   My favorite is Starlight (7 star!), top left, who is a terror on the solo battlefield of the Aspen Dungeon.   To upgrade her, I need four 5 star heroes and one 6 star hero; they all have to be “Forest” type heroes.   I don’t think I want to use either of my 6 star heroes for that, so I’m hoping to get the right mix of materials that I can make another 6 star and be ready to upgrade her.

Thane (2nd from left) and Faceless are pretty good but are not considered the highest tier heros so they can be sacrificed – just not now.   Need better ones to replace them first.    Gusta (Fire faction) is a not-so-good warrior who is definitely being used up at some point.

The Queen (5th position) is a really good hero.   I have to find the right equipment for her and she gets really useful; she is my most recent addition to the 6 star lineup.   Bonecarver and Honor Guard round out the 6 star list and are both pretty good heroes.

Decisions about what to upgrade are what makes the game hard/interesting/confusing.

The Upgrade screen, aka, “Creation Circle”

I could create a new 6 star hero in Dragonslayer above.   Do I want to feed him to Starlight to upgrade her ?    Not really.   I like the way this guy performs; he’s considered mid tier, but I like him.  I have to have two copies of him at 5 star (check), one specific hero Kargath (check), and any other three Forest heros.   I do have enough, I’m just hesitating.   One more drop could open up other, better heros shown.

The other question mark is OD-1.

Decisions, decisions

This hero is a good one, but requires me to sacrifice four of these guys.

Food ?

The LM hero at the botton is easy.   But extra Honor Guards and Mirage is not so obvious, so I’m waiting on this one as well.

I have a 6 star Honor Guard already, but what I don’t know is if I will want more of them as I go along the upgrade path.   These are hard to get, so I’m hesitating.

At some point, you run out of room on your hero roster and this forces decisions.  Naturally, you can upgrade the amount of room but it costs more and more gems (premium currency) each time.

So this is game you mess with for about 10-15 minutes per day, let your gold and EXP pile up, and gain power based on random and daily drops.   It’s fun.