I went out today to run an errand around town in the SCV.   I looked on the intel map, and couldn’t find anything that I wanted to do for Ingress.    90% or more of the town is fielded.   The local greens have largely given up – including my nemesis and his wife.   It’s either a strategic move, to bore all of us blues, or they’re just done with the game.

The new opponent we face in Santa Clarita is entropy.   Keeping all these portals charged up and not letting them decay is a challenge.   Farming gear takes on a whole new meaning when you need hundreds of cubes.   Fortunately, I have generally saved and never used the Lawson / Circle K cubes which I have acquired and it doesn’t take too many of these things to fully charge – after eating all the cubes I have in my inventory, that is.

Resonators and weapons get destroyed to clear inventory in the hope of getting more cubes, and keys are used not for their intended purpose but as micro batteries.

I think, this is what victory looks like.

A few greens in the middle, but the exterior is covered.

Now Burbank is another story entirely.    Burbank has continued active greens, including my local nemesis.   They’re getting stronger.    I’m getting more work.   These things all result in a greener Burbank, and I can’t even keep up with Downtown that much anymore.

Just after I refielded those fields between 3rd & Glenoaks.

I find it interesting how victory in one area, keeps me from assisting as much in another.   Less micro fields and more charging to keep the larger fields alive.

All in all, Burbank is dominantly green.