I once thought I would never reach 40 million AP in Ingress.   Hah.

Got almost exactly 60 million.

Now, I’m half again that mark.   Looks like it took around eight months of gameplay.

The only real fun statistical thing to chase is MU.    2.55 million MU are scored, and 3m does not seem that far off.    4m is the Onyx badge.    I think it will/would be fun to count up from 3m to 4m, but I have 450k MU to score first before I’d find that out.

Everything else is just impossibly distant.   Onyx mind controller (Fields) badge is earned at 40,000 fields; I’ve just passed 10,000.    I have many gold badges inching their way to platinum.     Feh – Ingress 2.0 will be here before I onyx all of that stuff.

Blue dominant.

Santa Clarita is pretty firmly in RES control.    It’s a nice feeling.   The caveat being that normal gameplay has restarted today since the Magnus badge is finished.   Determined players on either side can either fill in all that blue, or knock it all down again.    It tends to creep blue slowly, both because that’s my natural game style, and because most other RES agents play that way too.    The greenies in the area fight over their neighborhoods and try to deal with being very outnumbered.

Battleground Area

Downtown Burbank just gets flattened, then blued up, then flattened, then blued up, and even greened up then flattened by the RES then blued up.   Citywide things are much bluer than they have been, which is a nice thing to see.    With a bit more ENL activity it would probably be 80%+ green – except Downtown.   Maybe.

Then again my only contribution to Burbank is Downtown.   And either drawing ENL to the area or just making them sick of flattening it and they head off elsewhere.   But the RES is much bigger than any one agent, and the team does a great job with Burbank all things considered.

I’ve seen multiple new portals in SCV and have hit most of them – and not a single new one in Burbank.   I think it’s slim pickings in Burbank anyway, seems that everything possible is already a portal.    I’ve added many deletion requests to the queue and we’ll see if any of them actually get deleted.    So far, I believe my deletion record is one, for the Cow Sculpture in Glendale in someone’s front yard.   And four new portals exist because of my submissions.

The Ingress lifestyle doesn’t stop.    Real life moves on.    I take my daughter to school every day, meaning that I rarely get a chance to leave at 4 am because of XYZ game reason.   Instead I arrive at work and wait for break time.    Then again, summer is fast approaching….

Most nights – as always – I don’t have the opportunity to run out and field/burn any areas, but I take them as I can.   And I run every errand my wife wants.   She’s figured me out, but she doesn’t seem to mind half as much as she used to.

It probably helps that I’m much more engaged in vacation/getaway planning nowadays.   I actually have ideas about places to go now !    As in portals I want to hit, uniques to collect, downtowns to wander, and weird tourist attractions to visit which just happen to have lots of portals.

Will I reach Onyx Illuminator ?    Or 100m AP ?   Only time will tell.