For quite some time, as I improved my Minecraft world, the map looked something like this :

The impression being, a huge ocean, with some land nearby.

I eventually got around to making a boat to get back and forth between the swamps to the northwest, and the ocean monument excavation to the southeast.   And I decided to find out how big the ocean was.

Oceans in Minecraft are not the globe-bestriding colossi you expect from planet Earth.   I was pretty sure they would end at some point, making them actually “Ocean Lakes”, and I think I was right.

Pretty much fleshed out. Only the northern extreme remains unknown.

Biome variety now stands at :

  • Swamp
  • Roofed Forest
  • Desert/Beaches
  • Oceans
  • Stone Beach
  • Extreme Hills
  • Forest (Regular)
  • Birch Forest
  • Taiga
  • Mega Taiga

So I’m still looking for the big three – Jungle, Mooshrooms, and Mesa.

I managed to find a Woodland Mansion, and went in to investigate.   One of the Illagers was inside, and despite my plain iron sword and Level – 30 enchanted armor, he cleaned my clock very quickly.    Stuff lost (nothing irreplaceable) and a new respect for the Vindicator.

I’m thinking I’ll carve a road through the Extreme hills, and bridge over the ocean, to make a connection with the village in the west, then move on with a road from there.

Boating past huge waterfalls