After level 16, one of the things that keeps you going in Ingress are the badges.   The quantity of “things” you need to do to progress them is mind boggling, but it’s still fun.   Then, Niantic decided to mix things up a bit with the Magnus badge.

This badge is a limited time event, two weeks long, and you have to put down 1,331 resonators in different portal slots to earn the first level.    The second level is available at 3,113 slots.   I found myself with a whole lot of slots filled easily and decided to go for the Architect (level 2) version.

Most of the gameplay in Ingress is team based.    If someone else makes a field that you wanted to make, you can shrug it off, or create a nearby different (probably smaller) field instead.    You want to see all the portals a deep beautiful blue, defended and linked up, and you always try to take out green whenever you can.    The new badge has totally screwed that up.

This is a limited time event, so the only thing I’m doing is dumping resonators onto portals.   Then it’s on to the next one.    Then it’s back to reality.    Rinse and repeat.   I look over the intel map for big clusters of grey portals, and get annoyed when I find some owned by my own team.   I wanted to capture those things.

Linking ?   Defending ?   It is to laugh.   The challenge is to have enough resonators to dump down on portals, since each one has to be yours, and it’s easy to run out of some if you’re trying to fill every slot.    All other actions take time.   I need to spend my time on reaching, and filling out, portals.

You can upgrade portals for points towards this badge, but in all honesty, if I depended on that for badge points I would never receive the badge.   So I look for green portals to kill – which is good and normal – and stay away from any area that I have already been in (Bad !) , or which my teammates have blued up a bit (Very bad !).

I hope there aren’t any more badges that really screw the normal game up like this.   I like the idea, but the implementation doesn’t really work for me.    I get the problem – if they make it too easy, everyone gets it and kind of ignore it, and too hard and even the unemployed folks who 24/7 the game don’t get it.

It would also be solvable by just…. ignoring the damn thing.   I don’t seem to be able to do that.   So as of this writing I need another 180 points which should be doable in Burbank, and I need to complete it by 5 pm Friday the 19th.