For quite some time, Niantic has been tuning a new portal approval mechanism for Ingress, and it went live today.

This is the interface on Mobile

There are a number of criteria you are asked to rate each submission on –

  • Good Title
  • Historical/cultural signifigance
  • Visually unique
  • Accurate location
  • Safe access as a pedestrian

And ultimately, you rate it as to its worth as a portal.

This is specifically for the backlog of portal requests only.   Niantic hasn’t allowed new submissions for a really long time now, and presumably this is the first step to permitting them again.

(Then there’s the existing low quality portals that should be removed, but one thing at a time.)

Some submissions are pretty bad –

Nice baseball cap. Lousy “portal”.

Much better. A trail head.  And the Web Interface shown.

I can get behind helping out with the portal backlog.    It’s fun !    At least, at the start it will be.    Who knows if it will remain so into the future.