Still digging out the Ocean Monument.

The torch trick worked.    If you have a long column of sand to dig out, just dig out the bottom block, and super quick place a torch in there before the sand has a chance to fully fall.    The sand blocks then break themselves on the torch and you are left with a stack of sand in a fraction of the time it would take to break all those blocks… and drink milk to deal with the Guardians.

And it’s fully dug out….. sorta.

But I’ve only dug out a portion of the monument – maybe 1/3 of it.  So now it’s time to expand the box.

One thing I had figured out is that it’s easier to fill in if instead of simply pouring sand and super slowly expanding the “island”, you fill it in in a box first, and then put lines of sand through that.    It reduces the area that the guardians have to swim and spawn in.

Filling it all in

And then, I ran out of sand again.    Four large chests full and I can’t even fill in enough to start digging out.

Left side is about 2/3 full.

Out I went to gather sand, and managed to fill it all along the left side.   The process of digging it out was difficult, partly because of the difficulty of draining the inside of the temple.

All the sand is great at emptying the exterior.   The interior is a big challenge to fill with sand – bigger than I have patience for.    The second you expose the interior, Guardians are attacking you, and it’s very possible to get lost and drown trapped under the roof of the monument.   So I gave up trying to excavate it “dry”.

The destruction begins on the right wing.

Impressive screenshots are at an end.   Now it’s just a matter of breaking the thing down and getting at the “treasure” – sponges and gold blocks.   No elder guardians found yet – one is in the center top of the temple, and still looking for the other two.