After my son, yet again, got interested in Minecraft and building all kinds of strange things, blowing things up with TNT, and all kinds of creative-mode shenanigans, I found myself loading up my latest Minecraft world and adventuring again.

While my super-long-road project was well behind me, TAGN took a slightly different take on the whole thing and has been progressing on it for months.

The Mysterio world – so named because I deliberately decided not to use the various tools for finding things – has revealed Swamps, Roofed Forests, Deserts/Beaches, and Oceans.    I have a cobblestone path through a lot of the ocean, having decided not to hoard dozens of chests filled with a single resource, and instead to put it to use building various things.     Seems I have not posted about this map since June of 2016.   And as I read my old post I realized I never finished digging out the Ocean Temple.

Time to restart the project.

Armed with tons of sand, I began dumping it into the ocean months back.  I had sketched out a box which, from the limited land-based view, seemed to cover the major parts of the ocean temple.    After running all over the desert I eventually got enough sand to fill in the box and cover a lot of the temple.

Only a lot.    The thing is much bigger than I had anticipated.    And I got bored.  So after filling in the box completely I completed a few additional projects –

  • Expand the wheat farm.   By the time I’ve finished harvesting, the first blocks are ready for reharvest.
  • Trap a couple of cows and start beef/leather farming.
  • Overland path along block 1000, connecting to a nearby village
  • Full enchanted Diamond equipment

All the beef and leather a man could want.

I have not yet managed a full chest of iron ingots – which is what I was waiting for to start building a railroad.    Increasing the iron generation in the game was a smart idea, so that instead of digging and saying “Bah.   More diamonds.   Need IRON !”, I have enough iron for a massive railroad.   If I can dig it up.

So far, I have resisted the temptation to simply harvest the exposed blocks and start destroying the Monument.   I just read about a trick to re-gathering the sand I will have to try out, which should make it a breeze.    And then, I’ll want to cover the left wing as well as finish covering the right wing.     One additional tidbit discovered having read a lot of Ocean Monument posts on the internet is that they are about 77 blocks long.    With a little math I can sketch the box out a bit more accurately.

The first hints of prismarine…

Huge columns of sand to dig out.

It’s getting to look like a structure under there !

So now, I should dig down to the point that I can walk into the front door.    It will take a bit of time, but that’s always available in Minecraft.   The Mysterio world has finished its first in-game year, but no end is in sight.