It was a typical work day in Downtown Burbank, until it wasn’t.    I blued up the uncovered parts of downtown, someone came in and wrecked it, I blued things up again.   The usual.   The usual suspects making their appearances and doing their things, whether helps or hindrances depending on their team.    A local ENL was spending extra time downtown for whatever reason – I was teasing him about having lunch, but he’s staying in that area for FAR too long for it to be that.

Meetings went OK.   I get an order (?”Request”) to hurry up and finish up a review of some data before next Tuesday so I am moving forward with that.   Sitting at my desk, my scanner by my side and charging while open, with the PC in front of me filled with numbers.    And I look at the scanner and see a big old field built right next door !    So of course, I took a closer look.

The ENL agent had first taken out a blocking portal, and then moved in next door, and thrown a major field.    This is not a BAF – more of a LAF, little field, but with 6 layers at 20k each it counts a fair bit.   He seemed to be alone.    I went out to tussle with him, nervous about finishing my assignment, but this is clearly my fight.

As I am killing my next-door-anchor, I find out this is actually the first part of his layering plans.   WHAT ?   HE’S GOING TO LAYER THROUGH DOWNTOWN BURBANK ?    I didn’t think so, and set out to stop him.

First portal got an Axa and some other shield, which went down quick.   It was nice to use Ultrastrikes for a change instead of recycling them.    And while I’m killing the first one, a second one pops up and extends the field.

Down Angeleno I raced.    I knew he was going to continue to layer, how far I had no idea.   So I went past his portal to another and threw a blocking field.   And damned if he didn’t throw yet another layer as I’m doing this !

I ran right past San Fernando looking for a block.

I get my block up.   He can’t go farther without dealing with that, at least.    I fishhooked through the streets and alleyways and took down both of his other anchors.    Now I should be done, I’m thinking.    I haven’t SEEN him do anything else, maybe he’s out of keys and has left.   Better see what I can do to throw blocks.

I was not finished.   Back he went to my next-door portal !    I walked into range and the duel began, with an OK result.    I wanted to stop him before he fielded, by knocking resonators off an unshielded portal.   It works sometimes, depends on the enemy agent.  But it didn’t work with this guy.   He put down more resos, linked it, and used an AXA.   I continued cutting loose with bursters.    After he put down a second AXA on the portal though, it was an easy decision to let loose with an ADA to flip it blue and kill his field.   Now I have a strong portal in my neighborhood.

I am madly trying to put eyes on this guy, despite my less-than-impressive record at spotting agents.   Best guess is he did see me – I am not subtle given this unexpected intrusion.    Up the street I went towards Glenoaks looking for blocks in case he decided to go after his AXAs again.

This place is a portal. Why, I am unsure.

I capped the Fosters Freeze and threw a few blocks.    Downtown looks OK assuming the enemy agent has retreated, but he isn’t done.   How many keys did this guy have ?   He takes a portal across the street, fields it, and I retake it, and we keep trading until finally he has has field up one more time, right in front of the Fosters Freeze.

What a nasty, ugly field over the Verdugos and anchored in the surrounding communities.

No help has materialized – probably because it’s tough to drop work and play a game.   I realize my antagonist is going to just keep throwing so I verify the checkpoint times and retreat.   I mostly need to keep him from increasing the size of his field – obviously, he’s going to keep throwing this a lot longer than I have time for.   And it works – he leaves too.   And the field goes down, finally, as I leave work for the day and blast it into oblivion.   No checkpoints made.

It’s a bit of a sobering reminder – your portals ARE NOT YOURS.    It’s all part of a gameboard, that may find unexpected pieces upon it at any time.    I did not expect pulling a layered field down through Downtown – it probably helped him that it was still half ruined from ENL attacks.    And I played right into this guys hands, actually.

Clearly this dude does not care about the greater score – he was scoring MU for Illuminator and bragging rights.    The guy already has his onyx, with over 10m MU scored.    The better strategy was to block and leave it up, knocking it down near checkpoint time.    I’ll remember this in case this happens again.

And in the meantime, the eternal battle for Burbank continues.

It’s pretty even in Burbank, as usual.

And Santa Clarita looks unexpectedly Blue and Beautiful !

I’m not keeping up my side of the town though.