It looked very pretty.

It looked very pretty.

The shard game – “Ingress as Air Hockey” – is in full swing again, and this time Niantic mixed up the rules and made many targets across the world.    One of them appeared in Downtown Pasadena, so I got my newbie and organized a night to go Ingressing out there.

I managed to farm a bunch of keys for the portal – available for RES players, just ask ! – so the primary goal for the evening is achieved.     Not that it’s likely that they will be needed, the closest shard – “Hockey Puck” – is in Peru.    But you never know.

The secondary purpose of the evening was a DISASTER.    I didn’t look carefully at Pasadena.    The day before, there were a group of ENL one resonator portals all over the area, and a few RES links and fields.     Seemed like time to go clean up, meet people, and level up my newbie friend.

Instead, I met no one (from our team anyway), the place was crawling with ENL, and there were many L8 portals well shielded fielding over the areas that I was in.    They got very busy over Friday night.

And my noob got discouraged and distracted.   We brought along a third friend – “I’m not playing this stupid game” – who found out we were going out and wanted to join us.   I didn’t really want him around on Ingress night, but I got him.   And this really made it hard to stop and Ingress.   I tried to do things as we wandered Old Town Pasadena, but neither of them wanted to stop.   When we finally did, we cleared a little area, and the ENL did what comes naturally and took away his portals.   In his noobness he found that very frustrating, even though I helped him recapture.    And he declared, yeah, I’m not playing this game.

So I’m a failure at recruiting for sure.    We’ve left very little contested areas in the SCV – it’s either Green or Blue – so it would have been hard to take him somewhere local.    But a quiet area is what he needed; you’re not going to get quiet if you’re near a shard target.

I did have a lot of fun defending the shard target – it started out as ENL last week, they scored it twice I believe – even though we were unsuccessful in stopping them.    I managed to throw links from Santa Clarita to Running Springs – all the way across the Angeles National Forest.

23 months into this game and not ready to stop.