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I was watching the Super Bowl, and not amused by the commercials.   And then something really dumb, but attention catching came on :

Which reminded me that I hadn’t played World of Tanks in – I dunno, years – so I loaded it up and found myself involved in no less than four games now, at the “Endgame”.


I am currently dialing it back from Ingress a bit.    No big operations being planned – it’s all I can do to get out to slightly out-of-the-way portals for various reasons.    I am working towards platinum Mind Controller badge – only 1,400 more fields until I earn that one – especially since this badge is perfect for anyone microfielding the Downtown Burbank area.   I crossed the 50 million AP threshhold this weekend.


With a level 21 town halfway completed, and working on late game knowledge, this game creeps along.    Creeps is the right word.   I recently started a knowledge upgrade that had 27 weeks on the clock at the beginning.    You can wait for that time to pass, or you can use the time boosters that you acquire in various methods.   I burned all of them up, and am currently waiting to tick down the 10 weeks remaining for this one.   And then start another one nearly exactly the same.

Marvel Heroes

Nerfs to Story XP are annoying, but not nearly as annoying as the impossible Cosmic Trial.    Still can’t pass it with Captain America.    Of course I have the Cosmic modes unlocked with him anyway, but I’m not playing Cosmic Patrols until I can pass the Trial.   I so miss the old Cosmic Trial, which you could pass after gaining enough power.    Probably the only thing more annoying than that, is most players insistence that the trial is “Easy”.

42 heroes unlocked and finishing the story, alphabetically.   Human Torch is my hero today.    And the story grinding continues to move me forward with Infinity points, although the creeping upwards of XP requirements is getting bad – about 290 million for the next point.

World of Tanks

The game has a new Intro movie which is pretty well done –

Standard with the game now is two rows of tanks, not just one, along with view range circles and a drawable minimap.   You can sketch out what you want your teammates to do.   Chat with the enemy is gone, leaving your teammates only able to rage at how stupidly you play, which they do – the socially inept will lash out at anything.   I miss enemy chat.

Random platoons during gameplay is constant, giving you the chance to actually pass these missions that require platooning.    I’m getting in the habit of always being in a platoon due to the personal reserves that I’m earning for the privilege, plus the chance to knock out some of those tank missions.

The XVM mod is still going strong and has tweaked the statistics in the garage very nicely –


Left side – a Tier indicator, along with the laurel leaves that tell you if the tank is elited or not.

Highest level of mastery earned.

Average damage.

Right side – Did you get your daily double/triple/quintuple ?

Count of battles played.

Win rate in %

Despite my earlier statements that I was done adding tanks to my account, I reneged, and bought a bunch of additional slots along with more tanks on sale.    There’s no reason not to spend that gold I bought years ago.    Now waiting for a crew training sale to add a 100% crew to my Tier VIII German arty that I bought.

And so I grind along in the game with the usual goals – padding my battle counts, earning silver, creeping crew training along, and earning mastery badges.    Ace tanker is elusive, often.   With over 100 battles I still can’t earn it for the Medium Mk II, a tier II pig tank that I had figured I could get it with **someday**.   I gave up, and am moving along a list of low tier tanks until I actually have some silver again.

Silver is elusive if you collect tanks and mods constantly.   I am beginning to wonder if the smart thing to do is simply take equipment off tanks I’m not currently running (costs 10 gold each time) and add it to the ones that I am.   Probably makes a bit more sense than grinding to add it at 500k per piece typically.   And currently I’m trying to get another 700k silver so I have enough to buy yet another new tank.