The main game I am playing continues to be Ingress.    It’s more fun than ever, but it really is requiring some combination of deception and radio silence.   In other words, to post more, I have to be aware the Enlightened are reading this and plan accordingly.

I think I’m done with deception, and thus posting in general.   I’m not really a deceptive person, or find it fun.

I’ve posted several times about not wanting to be involved in big ops anymore, which is a huge ass lie.    I have been involved in multiple ops to cover the local areas (Burbank/Santa Clarita and beyond), and continue to be involved in these ops.    I’ve built a team and made the attempt to cover the entire Los Angeles County / Orange County – unsuccessful, but so close !    I’ve helped out on covering Southern California multiple times – even larger than City of LA.    And I’ve been an intel operator for several ops.     This stuff is a lot of fun !

First, you “meet” or get to know people from outside your general area of Ingressing.  Usually only from the Hangouts app, but still, you’re meeting people.   It takes all kinds, and that’s definitely true of Ingress players.    What everyone has in common is the desire to cover the world in Blue, and varying levels of ability to contribute to making that happen.   Everyone works together and makes it happen – or the attempt at least – and that social interaction is like nothing I’ve experienced before.

Everyone I’ve interacted with in PC-based MMO’s might as well have been characters in a game with an AI behind them.   I’ve never met them personally.    I very rarely meet Ingressers but when I do, it’s an interesting experience.    This game has really got staying power being located in the real world.    And 90% of that real world information is very privileged because it needs to stay secure, within the world of the faction or your locality, and not be shared with the opposition.

I have now reached the level where posting about operations is just very bad for security.   I do not want to name the lanes I’ve used to build fields, because that is very useful information for the enemy.   Even posting what I have above is useful, but I think I’m tired of existing in this “What can I post that will further deceive Enlightened while still being fun to write and interesting and sort of accurate ?”.      The number of things I CANNOT WRITE ABOUT is driving me nuts, to be honest.

That’s not why I write.   I write to document the gameplaying experience, and I’ve done an excellent job of that in Ingress.  I write to share the enthusiasm about the game – whatever it is – and expose the enjoyment of playing.    I do not write to further the very important goals of misdirecting the enemy, keeping them confused and in the dark, and advancing the goal of their defeat.

But something as simple as a meetup picture, saying “From L – R, here is player X, then Y, then Z….” is both part of the fun and opposition research.   I think I’m done pretending that aspect of the game doesn’t exist, but I’m also done with petty attempts at deception via blog.   For the record, I am not part of any opponent documentation ring and I would condemn them being built, either by Resistance or Enlightened, just as I condemn Guardian Hunting (futilely, since nearly every player I’ve ever talked to says they do it).

The blessing and the curse of playing Ingress at the highest level is it needs to be done silently.    Sort of.    In secure channels you can talk a lot, but even that is subject to “Is it really secure?”.    You start out thinking of this as a secret agent game.     Then you meet people and relax, and think of it as an unusual game yall play together.    And now I’ve reached the end and come back to the beginning.    You can bet, for sure, this is a secret agent game.