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The year is drawing to a close.    And gaming takes such a hold on my time that I don’t write that much.    There are a variety of reasons for this.

Vikings : War of Clans is not a game you can write a lot about.    I am back in, they did successfully recover my game for me.   Each building upgrade takes about a week, knowledge upgrades are similar, and I continue to pile up the resources (aka rss) for the clan.    Now, there is a new feature that’s been introduced called the Clan Stronghold, but until we manage to build it I don’t really know how it will work.

Ingress continues to be that amazing game that I’m grinding away at.    I have hit 2.1 million MU captured and inch towards the 4 million goal.    I’m pushing to move a lot of gold badges up to platinum, for linking and fielding, and building and destroying.   But that’s not something that keeps you going day to day, given that such badges would be the work of years in a best case.    It’s the strange community that you have with random strangers you meet, who become gaming friends through the game, just because you all picked blue.

Ingress really is amazing, in that it rewards a literally one-action-a-day playstyle – this helps the team, guaranteed – or a marathon of insane 16-to-24 hour a day blitzing.

But none of this is new, thus the lack of blogging.  I don’t have a lot to write about the game anymore.   I have quite literally covered it all – at least until I charter a helicopter to capture Mount Whitney or somesuch insane stunt.   After I take back the same portal for probably the 250th time, nobody wants to hear about it, and even more important I don’t want to write about it.

Marvel Heroes continues to get playtime when I need a break from the mobile insanity.   I think I have 37 heroes unlocked now.    Gameplay is roughly 1) Grinding new characters to 60 2) Grinding out prestige levels when I don’t have splinters to unlock more characters, 3) Working the achievement system.    Between all of these things I tend not to get bored.    I remain irritated by the overly difficult Cosmic Trial.   And I look forward to the “Big Update” which is “Coming Soon”, including a lot of balancing changes and perhaps an end to the Omega system.

Here’s to 2017 being a fantastic year of gaming.   2016 certainly has been.