I go out and try to kill a portal.    Turns out, it is remote enough that the service is available before it, and after it, but not directly AT the portal.   At least on Verizon.

I’m annoyed.   I want to kill this thing.    But nothing is cooperating about this portal.    It is on the side of the road with no good pedestrian access; as I walked to it cars come swooping up from the south and are far too close to me.    They can’t see me either, so I jump to the side of the road as much as possible.   But the side of the road is a little 45 degree angled hillock, and you can’t walk on it.   At least not in tennis shoes.

It’s a cross on the side of the road.    Well – it was at some point.    Right now there is nothing at all there.    A flat area on the side of the highway provides a place to stand, and I pace back and forth for 15 minutes praying to the Holy Gods of Signal, that I get enough reception to fire the ADA.    A brief 1X flashes, but Ingress still does not respond.

The wind is blowing really hard.    REALLY hard.   I get knocked around by the wind and dirt and grit smash into my face.   This place is very dangerous, actually.    There is a chance I could get blown off balance by a gust of wind and quite literally fall off the mountain.   Time to get back to the car.

There’s a ranger station by the side of the road, so I ask one of the rangers stocking his vehicle up.    “Which cell phone service works good out here ?”    He doesn’t know.

So I decide that I have service on both sides of the portal, but not actually at it.   Can I start firing the ADA, and drive past, and kill the thing successfully ?   Maybe.   It might work.

I drive past, hit the confirm button, pretty nervous about hitting other vehicles along this fairly busy road.    I have my phone outside of the car and am driving with one hand through the open window – you get better signal that way.

When I reach the other side of the portal, my phone shows an android character and says “Deleting all data”.

AUGGGGHHHH !   What has just happened ?

My best guess is that Ingress and the bad signal did not play nice with the Android OS, causing a reboot.   You can make an emergency boot somehow, by hitting the buttons on the side of the phone, and one option is to factory reset the phone.    I must have hit the button without seeing it.

So the portal still stands.     I am pissed off enough to be considering the purchase of boosters and BGANs.   Considering that boosters are $100 items that’s not too bad, but I think BGANs are $2,000+ items with data costs through the roof.    Yikes.

Now I need to get my phone working again.   Ingress works, at least, after reinstallation.    Lots of other things still need tweaking.

And the joke is, I wonder what mod that agent put on his portal to cause MY PHONE TO FACTORY RESET ! ?